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Mobile marketing has not yet come anywhere near its potential

A recent Leanplum analysis of 671 million push notifications has revealed that smartphone ads are just scratching the surface.

Mobile marketing automation platform, Leanplum, has announced that it has completed its first research study, which it has published under the title “Breaking Barriers to Push Notification Engagement.”

This research determined that the majority of push notification users were not reaching their potential.

The study was based on the results of an analysis conducted by Leanplum, which examined 671 million push notifications and 1.4 billion in-app events. What they found was that while there is a great deal of potential to mobile marketing through push notifications, the majority of the marketers around the world who were using this technique were not living up to that potential. The analysis determined that, as a whole, approximately 63 percent of marketers were missing their targets when it came to the messaging itself, the frequency of their marketing efforts via mobile apps, and even their timing.

There were a number of key findings that may provide helpful insight to mobile marketing firms.

Mobile Marketing ResearchAmong the key findings from Leanplum’s study were:

• North American app marketers were especially prone to missing engagement opportunities with their users during evening hours. App users in that region typically open push notifications at 8 p.m. at a rate that is four times greater than the ads are actually being sent.
• In terms of notifications sent versus those that were opened, the times marketers were issuing their push notifications and the times at which users were actually most likely to open and engage with them were not synchronized. This was a worldwide issue based on out-of-date messaging strategies.
• Mobile marketing firms often fail to shift their efforts with time zones. For example, marketers focusing on Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are sending pushes that are reaching people at midnight, while the majority of recipients are sleeping, since they are aiming at reaching people during peak North American times. A change in the timing of push notifications based on the time zones in which the recipients reside could greatly enhance engagement results.

Urban Airship announces acquisition of Tello


Urban Airship acquires Tello to expand mobile commerce and other services

Urban Airship, a mobile technologMobile Commerce - Urban Airship Acquires Telloy company based in the U.S., has announced its acquisition of Tello, a mobile application developer that aims to bring simplicity to the current generation of mobile technologies. Tello launched in September of this year but already accounts for thousands of customers, including famous sports teams and telecommunications companies. Tello has a strong focus on Apple’s Passbook service, which is a pseudo-mobile commerce platform that allows consumers to store digital coupons, tickets, and other such content in their mobile device.

Passbook continues receiving interest from Urban Airship and Tello

Passbook is something that Urban Airship has shown a great deal of interest in recently. Through its acquisition of Tello, the company believes that it will be able to broaden its reach to consumers, as they will not be required to download an application in order to access services Urban Airship and Tello offer through Passbook. Currently, much of the company’s interest in Passbook concerns the marketing sector. Urban Airship believes that Passbook could be a strong platform for marketers that are looking to engage mobile consumers.

Apple attempts to placate mobile commerce demands with Passbook

Apple has shown some interest in mobile commerce, but chose not to include NFC technology in the latest rendition of its popular iPhone platform. This decision was harshly criticized by Apple fans that have been demanding mobile commerce capabilities. Passbook was developed as a way to address these demands and is meant to serve as a digital wallet that can store a wide range of information and content for users. Though Passbook cannot facilitate mobile payments by itself, it can be used as an effective tool for the other aspects of mobile commerce.

Push notifications could be a boon for app developers

Urban Airship currently powers the push notifications in many of the world’s most popular mobile applications. These notifications allow businesses to send messages directly to consumers who have their application in stalled on their smart phone or tablet device. According to Urban Airship, applications that make use of push notifications experience a 400% increase in consumer engagement.