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Infineon Technologies aims to improve NFC technology


Infineon Technologies Digital Contactless Bridge interface gaining momentum around the world

Infineon Technologies, a leadimobile commerce nfc technologyng developer of semiconductors and micro-technologies, has announced that its Digital Contactless Bridge interface is quickly becoming the de facto standard in regards to NFC technology. The high performance communication interface has been seeing wide adoption from various companies interested in making use of NFC technology in some way. Because the technology is capable of making NFC interactions more fluid and convenient, it may  be well on its way to becoming a staple in industries like mobile commerce and marketing.

Interface allows for fast and secure connections

The Digital Contactless Bridge interface provides fast and secure connection between NFC devices. This is invaluable for NFC-based applications that rely on a high degree of security and a quick connection, such as mobile payment platforms. According to Infineon Technologies, their new interface is capable of supporting peak data rates for these type of mobile applications beyond 848 kilobits per second. This is much higher than conventional interfaces that are still widely used for mobile commerce.

Technology free and universally available

One of the most attractive qualities of the new interface is that it is free. Infineon Technologies is a strong advocate for open solutions that will make services like mobile payments more convenient and secure for consumers. The interface is globally available, which has contributed to its widespread adoption. Companies that have incorporated the new interface include Texas Instruments, INSIDE Secure, and MicroPross.

Advances in NFC technology could attract new support

NFC technology is often criticized as being dated, despite the fact that the technology is only roughly 8 years old, having first emerged in 2004. Some companies, such as Apple and PayPal, have chosen to sidestep NFC technology because they believe it is not capable of meeting the needs of modern consumers. Infineon Technologies is one of the companies working to improve NFC technology and ensure that it is more capable in meeting these needs. With the new interface widely available, NFC may be slated to become much more popular and regain some of the support it has lost recently.

ams AG introduces new NFC chip


ams AG reveals the high performance AS3953 chip for NFC devices

NFC technology has been gettinnfc chip Mobile Technologyg a lot of attention recently, but not all of it is good. The technology is often criticized as being limited in its capabilities and unable to meet the needs that modern consumers have. While many businesses seem to be happy with NFC technology the way it is now, others are keen to see the technology become more advanced. ams AG, a leading developer of high performance integrated circuits, is one such company and has produced a new line of NFC chips that could make the technology much more attractive.

Chip will speed up electronic communications

ams AG has introduce the AS3953 interface chip for NFC devices. The company suggests that this chip is both easier to incorporate into existing NFC services and more affordable than conventional technologies. The AS3953 chips provide users with high data-rate interface between NFC devices. This allows for communication between electronic devices to occur faster, thus speeding up NFC-based services. One of the more attractive aspects of the chip, however, is that it can generate its own energy.

AS3953 chip harvests energy from radio frequencies

ams AG has designed the chip to generate power by harvesting the radio frequency emissions that come from NFC devices. This allows developers to incorporate bi-directional NFC capabilities to devices using this chip without the need for more hardware. This reduces the cost of such endeavors and also helps the device that the AS3953 chip is installed in to have a longer battery life.

NFC technology takes a step forward with the help of asm AG

The AS3953 chip complies with specifications established by the NFC Forum, the leading standardization group concerning NFC technology. The chip can therefore be implemented into any NFC devices currently on the market, as well as those slated for future release, without imposing any significant problems in terms of compatibility. The new chip from ams AG is a step forward for NFC technology, and may bring more favor to NFC as it will be more capable of handling the needs of consumers and businesses.