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NFC technology ID patent will halt sale of used Sony PS4 games

nfc technology Sony PlayStationIndustry experts are speculating that the company is beginning a strategy to cease disc resale.

Observers of the video and mobile gaming industry have noticed a new patent that has been issued to Sony, in which it has gained the ownership of an NFC technology that would make it virtually impossible for used PlayStation 4 game discs to be resold.

This strategy would apply a new form of ID scanning through the console so the exclusive owner can be identified.

Though many console and mobile gamers love to grab the latest games as soon as they are released, others prefer to wait a while so that those who like to have the games right away will finish with them and sell their used copies at a lower price. This is the bane of the existence of many game manufacturers as it gives people an opportunity to obtain the discs in a way that won’t generate full retail royalties. New efforts are always being made to help to prevent this activity, such as the patented NFC technology that has now been registered by Sony.

It is expected that NFC technology built right into a console and enabled on a disc will serve this purpose.

Near field communication (NFC technology) is most commonly found in certain credit cards as well as in the most recent models of smartphones. Typically it is used for mobile marketing as well as smartphone payments. However, the new patent received by Sony will allow the technique to be used in the PlayStation 4 so that the console will be able to link a specific enabled disc with an individual user’s account. This will allow the owner of the disc to be identified from the first time that it is used.

The speculations about the use of this NFC technology are not without evidence. The patent document that was discovered linked to the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan stated that “When the game is to be played, the reproduction device conveys the disc ID and a player ID to the use permission tag.”

That same document also descried that “The use permission tag stores the terms of use of the game and determines whether a combination of the disc ID and the player ID conveyed from the reproduction device fulfils the terms of use or not.” This indicates that it would not be possible for the owners of a game disc to sell or trade that product, as it would be connected specifically to their own consoles.

Broadcom sees promise in NFC technology


Broadcom continues to show strong support for NFC technology

NFC technology has hit somethingnfc technology shows promise of a rough patch in the technology sector, especially in regards to its use in mobile commerce. Much of the mobile commerce industry has been built on NFC technology, but some technology companies, financial institutions, and consumers have expressed concerns over the security of NFC. In light of security concerns, some have begun moving away from NFC technology, hoping to find alternatives without having to abandon the mobile commerce industry. Others, however, continue to show strong support for NFC technology., Such is the case with Broadcom, a California-based chipmaker.

Nexus 4 popularity boosts interest surrounding NFC

Broadcom built the NFC chip and controller that is used in Google’s Nexus 4 mini-tablet device. The Nexus 4 launched earlier this month and Google has seen a great deal of interest for the product, especially in the UK market where stores have sold out of the device due to high demand. The device’s features have been widely praised, especially its use of NFC technology. Broadcom considers the popularity of the Nexus 4 a major win, suggesting that it is attracting more interest to NFC technology by showing off the capabilities of NFC.

Broadcom software freely available

Broadcom has now introduced its NFC software to the Android Open Source Project as well as to the Android 4.2 operating system. This has made the software widely available for anyone interested in using it — for free. Broadcom is well aware of the risks associated with making its NFC software freely available. The company notes that pushing NFC standards throughout the industries that use the technology is a top priority, however. By making its software available, Broadcom aims to help expedite the standardization of NFC technology.

NFC for more than just mobile commerce

NFC technology is widely used as a mobile commerce tool. The technology can allow mobile devices to make purchases in a way similar to credit cards. The technology also has uses beyond mobile commerce and has found some success in the marketing industry. NFC can also be used effectively as a form of wireless data transfer. Broadcom believes that its software can help establish standards in numerous industries that will ensure consumers have a positive experience with NFC technology.