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Mobile gaming company gaining traction worldwide

PlayPhone offers a superior social gaming experience.

A leader in social gaming, PlayPhone has recently announced that in all regions where it operates, it reaches almost every mobile subscriber and this success has enabled the company to gain significant traction around the world, particularly outside of the United States, where mobile gaming growth is the most substantial.

The mobile social gaming network presently reaches more than 82 percent of the US mobile market.

In addition to the United States, PlayPhone has reached 99 percent of Brazil’s market and is accelerating and growing more dominant in South East Asia via exclusive deals it has made with Indonesia’s and Singapore’s biggest mobile operators. For Mobile operators and messaging app partners, integrating the PayPhone platform is quick and profitable, as it takes less than two months to become a part of the company’s mobile gaming environment.

Palyphone CMO Anders Evju said “Once PlayPhone lands in a region, it’s only a matter of time before we reach almost a hundred percent of mobile subscribers in that region.” He added that “Operator and messaging app partners are signing on at an accelerated rate.” Evju commented that the active deals the companies have in India, Thailand, China, the Philippines, Australia, Europe and the Middle East, will enable them to cover more of the globe soon. “China alone will deliver more than a billion more potential gamers,” he said.

Mobile Gaming - Social gaming around the worldThe gaming network’s advanced social gaming products for operators and messaging apps includes: cross-network virtual currency, an upcoming advertising platform, white-labeled social game stores and a game developer publishing platform that includes a proprietary software development kit (SDK).

PlayPhone’s technology takes mobile gaming to another level.

Mobile operators and messaging apps are utilizing the technology to provide their mobile customers with an improved social gaming experience with the benefit of broader mobile commerce options. One of the primary advantages of PlayPhone’s gaming ecosystem is its network currency known as “Playcredits”. Those who partner with the company enable their customers to make use of these Playcredits beyond mobile gaming, allowing them to buy mobile products, music, rewards programs and services. Thus, with PlayPhone’s offerings, the future of mobile gaming could be re-imagined.

Social gaming picking up momentum

social gaming picks up momentumSocial gaming represents several potential benefits

Social gaming is gaining ground both online and on mobile platforms. These are a new breed of game that have a strong focus on community and typically have a very close link to some kind of social networking site, like Facebook or Twitter. The vast number and variety of games in this genre belies the fact that social gaming is a relatively new trend. In a short amount of time, the genre has become a very promising market, with more than half of all social network users playing a social game of some kind.

Report highlights growth of social games

eMarketer, a leading marketing research firm, has released a new report concerning the growth and emerging trends seen in the social gaming sector. The report predicts that more than 141 million people in the U.S. alone will be playing social games of some kind by 2014. Another 101 million people are expected to play social games on their mobile devices over the coming years. The report also notes several trends concerning social gaming that may part of the reason this genre has become so popular with advertisers and not just consumers.

Social games prove popular among advertisers

The report notes that in-game advertisements are 100% viewable by gamers, making their exposure to these advertisements exceedingly high. Given the fact that many social games are designed to keep players engaged in the game itself for as long as possible, these advertisements have a high probability of interaction with consumers. Another aspect of social gaming that makes the sector attractive to advertisers is the fact that most social games are available on a wide variety of platforms. Mobile devices are not the only platforms that can play social games.

Social gaming has some catching up to do

Social gaming is on its way to becoming a massive and influential market. eMarketer suggests that social gaming will become a thriving enterprise in the coming years. Game developers have already put a strong emphasis on social games, but the appeal of this genre has not yet matched the allure of mobile gaming and other traditional focuses on the game industry as a whole.