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Mobile security technology provides a malware protection boost

A new form of tech developed by University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers is simple but effective.

Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham have now come up with a new form of mobile security protection that uses certain simple but highly effective techniques that are able to stop sophisticated malware from sneaking their way into smartphones in order to attack them.

The development of this type of protection against mobile malware has become vitally important.

As well over half of all American adults now have smartphones, mobile security has become critical to providing protection against malware and other forms of cyber attack. While it is well recognized that computers such as laptops and desktops require this type of protection – typically in the form of firewalls and antivirus programs – many mobile device owners don’t realize how vulnerable their smartphones truly are. Moreover many of the apps that are available to protect devices take up too much space and require too much power.

This new mobile security technology has been developed to overcome those problems for improved protection.

Mobile Security - Malware ProtectionThe new form of mobile malware defense technology was revealed in St. Louis at the IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications. As smartphones become more important and more commonplace, they have become prime targets to people who would seek to use them for malicious activities. This has caused an explosion in malware that can enter into mobile devices by way of any number of sources.

Primarily, this involves hidden malicious codes buried inside downloaded apps. Once they have been installed into mobile technology devices, there are various ways in which it can then exploit the gadget. This can include learning sensitive personal information about the user, taking over the camera to spy on the user, or even making premium rate phone calls without the user ever being aware that this is occurring.

It may even activate the NFC (near field communication technology) in the device for an entirely new form of mobile security problem – scanning for nearby credit cards that are NFC enabled for contactless payments. The researchers have come up with a way to more effectively block this type of digital invasion.

Mobile security protection increases from carriers

The giants around the world are now giving their efforts to combat threats and spam a boost.

According to the results of a recent mobile security protection forecast report from Infonetics Research, there will be a number of new efforts put into place in order to help to do battle with the increasing amount of spam and number of threats from unethical marketers and cyber criminals.

The report has provided tracking of SMS and multimedia messaging service (MMS) security gateways.

According to the Infonetics Research principal analyst for security, Jeff Wilson, the popularity of the use of SMS and MMS has increased considerably over the last ten years. However, it is only just now that carriers around the world are starting to pay attention to mobile security protection and the deployment of SMS and MMS security gateway solutions. He said that these giants have been “forced by economic, regulatory, and attack conditions.”

The mobile security protection trend is also a response to growing regulatory pressure.

Mobile security protectionWilson also pointed out that major carriers within specific regions are looking at solutions for this purpose. As an example, he pointed out the adoption of Cloudmark/TeleDNA which was recently deployed in India.

Among the other points that were published in the report are as follows:

• Approximately 10 trillion SMS and MMS messages are sent each year. This presents a broadening opportunity for cyber criminals to hack and send spam.
• Carriers are boosting their mobile security protection spending on gateway solutions that are meant to stop spam and threats in SMS/MMS.
• Throughout the length of 2013, it is believed that there was a 70 percent increase in the size of the SMS/MMS security market when compared to 2012, bringing it to $70 million.
• AdaptiveMobile and Cloudmark have become the current leaders in revenue within this specific market space.
• This year will be bringing consolidation within the industry for SMS/MMS security gateways. This will bring focus to the different players that already exist as well as those entering into the space, and will be built on a foundation supported by major networking/telecom equipment suppliers.