Hackers Mobile SecurityMobile security becoming a serious issue as hackers find way to exploit Google Play

A new trend is emerging in the world of malware, and it is targeting the Android platform. Hackers are beginning to work their way into Google Play by disguising their malware as legitimate applications. Typically, Google can remove these applications from the Play store with relative ease, but many hackers are hijacking Play accounts from legitimate developers to avoid Google’s own protection methods. This trend could be a major blow against the Android and the platforms ongoing fight in the realm of mobile security.

Google may be unable to keep up with emerging trends in the mobile security space

Mobile security is quickly becoming more important than physical security. The information consumers share through their mobile devices is very valuable, especially to those that know how to exploit such information. Given that mobile technology is relatively new, the security of mobile devices and mobile applications has yet to mature. While Google has taken steps to ensure the security of the Play marketplace, many hackers have found a way to completely circumvent the company’s endeavors in mobile security.

Hackers target developers and not just consumers

Many hackers are beginning to target legitimate developers rather than just consumers. Developer Play accounts are being hijacked and used to distribute applications disguised as safe pieces of software. In many cases, this malware is actually being marketed as mobile security software for smartphones and tablets. Hacking a developer Play account is not the only method that malicious parties are using to gain access to consumers. Some are simply buying these accounts from developers outright.

Developers offered funds for each malicious application they publish to Google Play

Some hacking groups are offering $100 to developers with verified Play accounts for each malicious application they publish. Google charges developers $25 to put an application on the Play marketplace, which can be a hefty sum for small scale developers that do not have a strong presence in the mobile market. Hackers are preying on these developers by offering them a financial incentive to distribute malicious applications and circumvent the mobile security protections that Google has put in place.