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Unbound Commerce posts results of Cyber Monday


Unbound Commerce sees major success through mobile commerce

Unbound Commerce, a leadcyber monday resultsing mobile commerce service provider, has released the results of its research concerning the impact of Cyber Monday on aggregate mobile commerce transactions. Cyber Monday helped prove the viability and reach of mobile commerce, helping retailers engage mobile consumers in a dynamic way that yielded impressive results. The report from Unbound Commerce provides further validation of the capabilities of mobile commerce, highlighting the level of mobile transactions that were made on one of the most important days of the year for the retail industry.

Mobile commerce platform sees major boost in activity on Cyber Monday

Unbound Commerce offers retailers an integrated platform that allows them to facilitate payments via a mobile device. According to the report, retailers that were using the Unbound Commerce platform saw a 410% increase in traffic. The report shows that the number of mobile sales that were made this year were 311% higher than what they had been on Cyber Monday in 2011.Traffic to mobile sites provided by Unbound Commerce also jumped some 59% on Cyber Monday this year.

Mobile traffic and sales skyrocket during holiday shopping

Unbound Commerce saw a major uptick in visits to sites within its network as consumers made use of their mobile devices to purchase products online. Indeed, a record number of consumers made use of their mobile device to shop during Cyber Monday, making the holiday shopping event the single most prolific display of the power of mobile commerce in history. Unbound Commerce suggests that mobile commerce is finally moving from the fringes of the retail industry and is quickly becoming a very significant part of business.

Retail industry may be convinced of viability of mobile commerce

The Thanksgiving shopping weekend was a major success in terms of mobile commerce. Retailers saw record numbers of sales and visits from mobile consumers across a wide variety of channels. The strong showing of mobile commerce during the shopping weekend is likely to have a ripple effect throughout the retail industry. That is to say that the industry may now have enough evidence to take mobile commerce much more seriously.

Deloitte research predicts impact of mobile commerce in UK


UK Holiday Mobile Commerce SuccessDeloitte forecasts major success for mobile commerce during Christmas season

Though the Thanksgiving shopping weekend is over, the retail industry still has Christmas to look forward to. Thanksgiving proved to be a wondrous time for mobile commerce, showing just how willing consumers are to make purchases from their mobile devices. In the United Kingdom, Christmas may see similar results in mobile commerce that the retail industry had seen in the U.S. during the Thanksgiving weekend. New research from Deloitte suggests that mobile commerce is poised to hold significant influence over UK consumers.

Mobile devices will influence some $5 billion in transactions

According to research from Deloitte, approximately 10% of all in-store sales will be influenced by smart phones and tablets in December. While 10% may not seem like a large figure, the research suggests that mobile devices will serve as the decision maker for some $5 billion in transactions during the entire month. The research shows just how important mobile devices are becoming for consumers and how these consumers are beginning to put more interest into mobile commerce.

Consumers to rely on mobile devices for research and shopping

Though the research shows that mobile commerce will play a big role with UK consumers, Deloitte notes that mobile devices will not necessarily be used to actually purchase products. More consumers are likely to use their mobile device for shopping and research purchases, with a relatively small number of people actually making physical purchases with their device. Mobile commerce is multi-faceted, however, and accounts for online sales and not only those made through physical stores. Deloitte research predicts that online retail is expected to spike by 17% during the Christmas season.

Mobile commerce gaining more attention from retail industry

Mobile commerce is quickly grabbing the attention of the retail industry in an aggressive way. Mobile commerce had a powerful showing during the Thanksgiving weekend, showing just how capable e-commerce and m-commerce platforms can be in engaging consumers. Deloitte expects similar results in the UK during the Christmas season as consumers continue their holiday shopping.