Consumers in the European country are less likely to trust ads that they feel will use their personal data.

According to the results of a recent survey conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) France, consumers in that country feel suspicious of advertising they receive over their smartphones and tablets when it becomes intrusive or will utilize their personal information.

This survey involved the participation of more than 1,000 people with smartphones or tablets.

The research was conducted on behalf of the association by GfK. Among the respondents to the survey, about 60 percent said that they felt as though brands were being invasive on their smartphones or tablets as a result of too many spam like mobile marketing messages. Another 67 percent said that they were uncomfortable with the fact that they felt as though they were sharing information with brands, even without their knowledge. On top of that 68 percent expressed that they felt as though they were being spied on through their mobile devices.

The Mobile Marketing Association France said that it is vital for companies and brands to take care with privacy.

intrusive mobile marketing suspicious securityThe MMA France said that the results of this survey show that it is very important that they take careful control over mobile advertising so that they will understand when consumers will find their actions to be relevant, and when they will find them to be intrusive or unwelcome.

Although 56 percent of the respondents to the survey feel that it shouldn’t be useful at all to have a company or a shop recognize them and while they haven’t any real interest in being personally welcomed when they enter a store’s physical location, it doesn’t stop there. Half of the respondents said that they did find it useful when stores use geolocation based marketing in order to provide them with discounts to the stores that they have just entered (or that they’re walking by at that moment).

This showed that it isn’t necessarily mobile marketing in general that is putting off French consumers, but it is the relevance that matters to them. Renaud Menerat, the president of MMA France explained that this research places the spotlight in the expectations that consumers have toward brands for understanding the notion of simplicity, service and transparency when it comes to their advertising overt his channel.