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Mobile Commerce is Risky Business

The mobile field shouldn’t be taken lightly

Mobile commerce is quickly proving that it is much more than a passing novelty. Mobile technologies like smartphones and tablets are playing a larger role in people’s daily lives. As such, they are beginning to demand services that are specifically tailored for mobile life. Retailers and other businesses are beginning to accommodate this demand, but many are running afoul of serious security issues that could have a catastrophic effect on the mobile space as a whole.

One of the most significant problems that the mobile space faces in terms of security is an overabundant lack of awareness from consumers and businesses alike. Both parties are somewhat oblivious to matters of security, especially when it comes to mobile technology and mobile-centric services. For businesses, this lack of awareness is largely due to decades spent in a world without mobile technology. Consumers are somewhat uninterested in mobile security, wanting instead for their devices and their favorite brands to handle the behind-the-scenes issues without every making their efforts visible.

Lack of awareness is a serious problem

The problem is that this lack of awareness creates a risky environment for mobile commerce. The mobile space is already very attacking to malicious groups because of its trafficking of financial information. A lack of security awareness means that these groups can, at times, move throughout the mobile space unchecked, exploiting financial information wherever they find it. This is becoming a major problem for some businesses focused on the mobile space as they are finding themselves exposed to risks that they do not fully understand how to deal with.mobile commerce - mobile security

Many businesses are beginning to involve themselves in the mobile world. These businesses see a great deal of promise in mobile commerce and have been inspired by the major success that others have found in this field. Inspiration is not enough to ensure success for these companies, however, as many have rushed into the mobile space with poorly designed platforms and services that have been met with failure. Many of these services lack the security features necessary to be considered viable, while others simply don’t work well.

These platforms represent a significant investment from the companies that make them and their failure constitutes a serious loss. Companies looking to get into the mobile commerce game have to be careful and gauge whether their hasty entry into the market is worth the potential for failure and serious loss.

Mobile payments to become more secure in the Middle East

Mobile Payments Security Middle EastAxiom sets sights on security for mobile payments and beyond

Axiom Telecom, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Middle East, has announced an exclusive partnership with NQ Mobile, a leading developer of security software. Through this partnership, Axiom aims to provide more protection to its Android customers, especially when it comes to the issue of mobile payments. Mobile payments are growing in popularity in the Middle East, especially among affluent consumers in the United Arab Emirates. Security, however, is a major concern for many as their financial information could be at risk of theft and exploitation.

NQ Mobile Security available to Axiom Android customers

Through this new partnership, Axiom Android customers will be able to take advantage of NQ Mobile Security, one of NQ Mobile’s most popular security offerings. This security suite will come pre-loaded on all new Android devices sold by Axiom. Consumers that already have Android devices through Axiom will be able to access the security suite in order to protect their mobile devices from the various threats that exist in the digital world. The suite protects a mobile device against malware, spyware, phishing attempts, viruses, hacking, and other threats that could access a consumer’s information.

Mobile payments continue to face significant threats

As mobile payments become more common, the threats that exist in the digital world are becoming more pronounced. These threats are gaining more attention because of the dangers they pose to a consumer’s financial information. NQ Mobile notes that the number of threats specifically targeting the mobile commerce sector is on the rise and that there is no sign of these threats diminishing any time soon. In order to protect a user’s financial information, the NQ Mobile Security suite also features an anti-theft and anti-loss service. This service will locate, lock, and terminate the digital information that is stored on a mobile device if it is reported as lost or stolen. The device will also sound an alarm in order to signal that it has been stolen.

Axiom seeks to spread awareness of mobile security

Axiom is working to bring more security to the mobile world. Awareness concerning mobile security, especially in regards to mobile payments, is somewhat lacking in the mobile space. Axiom is hoping to address this issue through awareness and by making robust security solutions more available to consumers.