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Google takes another step into the mobile commerce world

Google to introduce new feature that may appeal to mobile shoppers

Google is taking a step to better compete with others in the mobile commerce space. The company is preparing to introduce a “Buy Now” button on paid mobile search results, which would allow mobile consumers to purchase products that they are interested in. Google has become one of the most powerful mobile advertising businesses in the world and has adopted a strong interest in mobile commerce. In an effort to compete with companies like eBay and Amazon, Google continues to look for ways to encourage consumers to participate in mobile shopping.

Buy Now button will allow consumers to purchase products from mobile searchers

The Buy Now button is meant to accompany paid mobile advertisements, but will not be shown as part of non-sponsored search results. Google will not be selling products itself, as the retailers responsible for the paid advertisements will be in charge of the products. There is no information concerning which retailers have partnered with Google for the launch of the Buy Now button, but some rumors suggest that Macy’s will be among the first companies to become involved in this new initiative.

Retailers have some concerns about mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce GoogleMobile commerce has become a powerful force among retailers, and Google is interested in establishing a greater foothold in this space. The growing prominence of mobile commerce has raised some concerns among retailers. Some companies are concerned that Google will effectively become a sore of store front, which could have a negative impact on their relationship with consumers. In order to avoid this issue, Google will be ensuring that the Buy Now button will direct consumers to a retailer’s website.

Google may help retailers engage mobile shoppers more effectively

Consumers have expressed significant favor for mobile shopping due to its convenient nature and their ability to shop anywhere with a mobile device. Retailers have been relatively slow in embracing mobile commerce, but more companies are beginning to do so in order to accommodate the interests of consumers. Google may play a major role in helping these companies reach a growing mobile audience.

Google takes a swing at mobile commerce with updated Shopper app

Mobile Commerce Google Shopper appGoogle updates Shopper application to help promote mobile commerce

Google has been working to establish a dominant presence in the world of mobile commerce for some time. The company’s Google Wallet has made mobile payments more available to a wide range of consumers, but many people are still demanding comprehensive mobile commerce services that make mobile payments more convenient. In order to accommodate the needs of consumers, Google has updated its Google Shopper application, introducing new features that may be well received by those that prefer to shop online.

App includes updates search features

Google Shopper 3.2 is the latest version of the application. At its core, the application allows users to find products and compare prices for products offered by several retailers. In previous versions, users could find a wide range of products through the application’s search engine, but sorting through the results of this search would often be problematic. One of the new features of the Google Shopper application allows users to sort the results of their search so as to find the products they are most interested in more easily.

Application designed to improve in-store experience

The application is equipped with a variety of features that are designed to improve the in-store shopping experience. The application can scan barcodes and is equipped with voice recognition software that makes it easier for consumers to find the products they are interested in. Searching for product reviews has also been improved in the latest version of Google Shopper and users can find video reviews via YouTube through the application. Users can access GPS technology in order to find the best deals on products offered at local stores as well.

Google continues to show interest in mobile commerce

Google is investing heavily in mobile commerce and part of this involved encouraging consumers to make use of applications like Google Shopper. Mobile commerce is more than simply purchasing products using a mobile device; it also involves mobile shopping. Google expects that its improved Shopper application may help consumers become more acclimated to mobile commerce and the convenience it offers.