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European mobile payments are taking off, says Visa

The 2016 Digital Payments Study showed a rapidly rising number of consumers using smartphones to pay.

The 2016 Digital Payments Study from Visa revealed insight into European mobile payments trends. It showed that there has been a spike in the number of people using smartphones as wallets. In fact, the number of people using this type of transaction has tripled since 2015.

At the time of the research, 54 percent of consumers were using mobile payments on a regular basis.

The research indicated that European mobile payments were regularly used by over half of consumers. Comparatively, at the same time the year before, only 18 percent of consumers were using mobile wallets to pay for goods and services.

European Mobile Payments Take OffThis research involved the participation of over 36,000 online consumers in Europe. They resided in any of 19 different countries in the continent. The study showed a dramatic shift in the use of mobile payments technology over the prior 12 months.

The European mobile payments research also indicated that more people are open to trying the tech.

Last year at the same time, 38 percent of respondents had never used mobile payments and had no intention of ever trying it. This year’s figure has dropped to 12 percent. Clearly, far more people are interested in trying the use of mobile devices to pay for products and services.

There were two countries in which it was most obvious that there was a very large increase in mobile wallet use and interest. These two countries were Turkey and Romania. They have been adopting this technology at a staggering rate.

That said, the United Kingdom stood out as a market where there was a very large percentage of smartphone users who also used mobile payments. In the U.K., 74 percent of device owners had tried mobile wallets. Over half of the people who had tried the tech (59%) had done so to transfer money to friends and family. Slightly fewer (45 percent) had used it for purchasing take-out at restaurants.

A new trend in European mobile payments has also started to develop. Within it, consumers have revealed that they are increasingly comfortable in using their mobile devices to make more expensive purchases.

European mobile payments transactions increasingly accepted

A new survey has revealed that a growing number of companies in the E.U. accept payments via smartphones.

A new report has recently been released by yStats.com, a secondary market research company based in Hamburg, Germany, which has suggested that European mobile payments is a growing trend in the continent.

The report also pointed out that more companies are accepting transactions online, boosting regular e-commerce.

The “Europe Online Payment Methods 2013 – Second Half 2013” report showed that the use of smartphones for European mobile payments is growing in use for making traditional retail purchases in the E.U. countries as well as in other regions around the world. The report pointed out that the transactions being completed by way of smartphones and tablets has been increasing its share of the overall digital space, and that it is expected to make its way into the double digits by the year 2020.

In 2010, European mobile payments represented only 1 percent of all online forms of transaction.

European mobile payments This will require an extremely rapid level of growth an adoption if it is to reach at least 10 percent of online transactions only a decade later. The reports data showed that this technology is making the biggest headway in Turkey, Spain, and the Netherlands, among countries located in Europe. This is particularly true in the use of smartphone banking. The highest traditional online banking – where it is above 80 percent, is in Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands.

There is extremely promising growth being seen in European mobile payments and traditional online transactions in the mature markets of the central part of the continent. For example, in Germany, PayPal and invoice were the two most popular forms of B2C E-Commerce transaction methods. Furthermore, the smartphone paying method is starting to take off quickly in areas that have implemented terminals for parking or ticketing, with 10 percent of consumers having tried those technologies at least one time in 2012.

The report predicted that in the Western sub-region of the continent, the transaction value of European mobile payments will be growing by half in 2013 when compared to the year before.