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China leading the charge toward mobile commerce

Survey shows that China may be more accepting of mobile commerce than other countries

Mobile commerce has been growing more popular among the populace of China. Draftfcb China has released the results of its latest survey concerning mobile commerce and its appeal to consumers around the world. The survey was conducted in eight prominent markets, including Brazil, the U.S., and China. Notably, Chinese consumers seem to be more accepting of mobile commerce than those in other countries. This may be due to the growing availability of smartphones and tablets and the fact that young consumers have been heavily immersed in the world of mobile technology.

Chinese consumers are eager to embrace mobile payments

According to the survey some 57% of Chinese consumers claim that they are prepared to purchase products using their mobile device. The survey shows that, on average, approximately 49% of consumers are ready to embrace mobile commerce in any significant way. The survey shows that 67% of Chinese consumers that have participated in mobile commerce were satisfied with their experience. Another 77% claimed that mobile commerce was simply more convenient for their needs as opposed to making a purchase from a physical store.

Mobile Commerce ChinaMobile Internet allows brands to reach new markets

Young consumers are cited as one of the major contributing factors to the growth of mobile commerce in China. This is not the only factor, however, as the growth of mobile technology has allowed brands to reach markets that had previously been unreachable. Mobile devices have taken the Internet to rural parts of China, where large brands are somewhat scarce. Through the Internet, these brands have been able to engage a new demographic of consumers, and much of the interaction between these consumers and brands comes in the form of mobile commerce.

Consumers show more interest in benefits of mobile commerce than risks

China is quickly establishing itself as a hub of activity in the mobile commerce field. The country is home to some of the largest online retail brands in the world and these companies have shown a strong interest in mobile commerce and the benefits that it offers. Consumers have also proven that they are ready to engage in mobile payments and have shown relatively little concern for the security concerns that have cropped up around mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce preferred by over half of Chinese consumers

Brands are being advised to look to this channel in order to help to considerably increase their sales in that country.

According to a Draftfcb China global study, the adoption of mobile commerce by brands and companies could help them to double or even triple the sales that they are experiencing over the short and medium term future.

The research looked into the data collected by a study in which there were participants from 8 regions.

Participants in the survey lived within one of eight major global economies and were aged from 18 to 64 years old. It was conducted in the second half of 2012 and there were 8,000 respondents to the mobile commerce survey. The countries included the United States, the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, China, and the Middle East.

The results indicated that China was an extremely important player in the mobile commerce ecosystem.

Mobile commerce preferred by Chinese consumersThe survey indicated that among the respondents from China 57 percent of smartphone owners would purchase any type of product using their devices. This was considerably higher than the global average, which was 49 percent. Chinese consumers have become a very important part of smartphone retail shopping, as they live in one of the economies in which the penetration of these devices is the greatest.

The study showed that China possesses the most active mobile commerce market. In fact, people in that country use their smartphones for more functions overall than in any other country or region represented in the survey. Overall, smartphone users from China were conducting 4.9 different types of activities on their devices every day. Comparatively, the United States was in second place at 4.7 percent, and India conducted 4.4 activities per day.

The research indicated that mobile commerce provides brands with access to most cities in China, even when their stores or products don’t actually have a physical location within them. It also stated that this helps to explain why some of the most common smartphone shoppers are individuals residing in the smaller cities and people in Generation Y, the most digital of all of the adult demographics.