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JPMorgan is showing more support for mobile payments

JPMorgan announces its support for Samsung Pay

JPMorgan has announced that it will be supporting Samsung Pay, adding to the number of mobile payments services it is backing. The financial institution already offers support for Apple Pay and Android Pay and is developing its own mobile payments platform through Chase, which will be called Chase Pay. Adding support for more payment services is expected to encourage more consumers to participate in mobile commerce as they will have more options to do so.

Millennials are powering the growth of the mobile payments space due to their comfort with mobile technology

The company has taken note of the significant growth in the mobile payments field. One of the driving factors of this growth is the popularity of mobile technology among young consumers. Millennials, in particular, have shown a great deal of comfort with mobile services and the demand for new payment services has grown among these consumers. Banks throughout the country are eager to engage these consumers by showing support for their favored mobile payments services.

Bank continues to see strong growth in its mobile consumer base

Mobile Payments - Image of JPMorgan Chase TowerJPMorgan has seen their mobile customer base grow by 21%, reaching 22.2 million by the third quarter of this year. Consumers want to use mobile payments services because they are seen as more convenient than traditional forms of commerce. These services also double as a type of digital wallet, allowing consumers to store their financial data for easy access. They can also use these digital wallets to store information from retailers, such as mobile coupons or data concerning loyalty programs.

Mobile payments will see significant growth throughout the US in the coming years

Mobile payments is likely to continue growing throughout the U.S. in the coming years. Over the holiday season, many consumers opted to use their mobile devices to make purchases online and in physical stores. Mobile payments services have proven to be quite popular, as they allow consumers to shop with more convenience. One of the issues preventing consumers from embracing mobile commerce, however, are security issues that exist in this sector.

Chase to launch its own mobile payments services in 2016

JP Morgan Chase sees major promise in the mobile commerce market

JP Morgan Chase is preparing to launch its first mobile payments service, called Chase Pay. The company expects that the service will be launched in the middle of 2016, competing with other companies that have already released their own payment services. JP Morgan Chase sees significant promise in the mobile payments space, as many consumers are beginning to use their smartphones to shop for products both online and in physical stores.

Chase Pay aims to make it easier for consumers to shop for and purchase products that they may be interested in

Chase Pay will allow consumers to pay for goods and services in physical stores as well as within mobile applications. Retailers are expected to support the mobile payments service, allowing customers to pay for products through their mobile websites. The service will be available to approximately 94 million Chase customers. Notably, Chase has partnered with Merchant Customer Exchange, which has also been working on its own mobile payments platform that is designed specifically for large retailers.

Large retailers are looking for ways to engage mobile shoppers

Mobile Payments - JP Morgan ChaseThe Merchant Customer Exchange’s CurrentC platform is meant to provide large retailers with a way to effectively engage mobile consumers. The organization itself is comprised of large retailers, such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. These retailers have all agreed to use the CurrentC platform, but the service has yet to see a commercial release. As such, retailers are looking for ways to embrace mobile payments in order to better serve consumers that are interested in shopping with their smartphones and tablets.

Chase Pay may be able to compete with other services if it manages to provide better security

Chase Pay will face significant competition from services that have already established a foothold in the mobile commerce space. Whether or not the service will prove popular among consumers may depend on the security features it offers. Security has been a significant problem for the mobile commerce space for some time, with many consumers citing recent data breaches as the reason they will not use mobile payments services.