Blackberry 10 launchedBlackBerry 10 now available

The BlackBerry 10 has been officially launched this week, after nearly a year’s worth of delays. Research In Motion, which has changed its name to BlackBerry, has successfully launched its latest, highly anticipated mobile device, which has a very strong focus on mobile gaming. For nearly the entire lifespan of the BlackBerry, the platform has catered to business professionals and enterprises in various industries. Now, however, the platform is beginning to expand its capabilities.

New BlackBerry adopts focus on mobile gaming

While BlackBerry has never been exclusive to business professionals, it has not won the favor of a wide range of consumers because of its lack of consumer-oriented features, such as mobile gaming. The BlackBerry 10 was initially slated for a 2012 release, but Research In Motion decided to delay the launch of the new smart phone several times due to emerging competition in the mobile device market. During these delays, the company hosted several events in which Android developers were encouraged to port their mobile games over to the BlackBerry platform, making these games available for the first time on a platform apart from Android. Many of these developers were provided financial incentives to participate in this campaign.

Mobile gaming may attract attention of new consumers

The BlackBerry 10 boasts of a wide range of features that are likely to be well-received by diehard BlackBerry fans, as well as appeal to consumers suffering from iOS and Android fatigue. Given that the device has become more accommodating of mobile gaming, it may see a great deal of interest from tech-savvy gamers that have long been interested in the platform but had chosen either the Android or the iOS to satisfy their gaming interests.

BlackBerry 10 designed to last more than a decade

According to Research In Motion, the BlackBerry 10 is designed to have a lifespan of at least 10 years. This is significantly longer than most of today’s mobile devices, which have a lifespan of a little over one year. The device’s stronger focus on mobile gaming may come in handy if it is meant to last for over a decade before a new BlackBerry device is released.