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NFC technology patent boosts Apple mobile payments speculations

Though the device manufacturer is always surrounded by rumors, this is the very latest making the rounds.

One of the most common questions surrounding both NFC technology and mobile payments alike have to do with when Apple will add its name to the competition and how it will go about doing that.

Nothing sparks the rumors more than the filing of a patent, which the iPhone manufacturer has just done.

This most recent patent application was noticed by Apple Insider and has generated dozens of speculations regarding the plans that the company will have for the technology. The patent, which was filed earlier in 2013 but was only just noticed by the public, is called “Method and System for Managing Credits via a Mobile Device,” which doesn’t leave too much mystery as to what how its technology would be used.

The description could be for the use of NFC technology for a system that it describes for mobile payments.

NFC Technology - AppleThe filing details a system that brings digital currency forward in the form of coupons or tokens that have an assigned monetary value. These could be stored within a mobile payments wallet in the cloud so that it can be used in a number of different possible ways. This includes purchases that are made in brick and mortar shops, at online stores, or to pay for the wireless services for the device.

The description of the system suggests that there would be a way for users to receive these tokens through participation in third party advertisements, which suggests that brands could use the service in order to connect with consumers and then reward them for viewing or interacting with forms of marketing content.

It is not yet entirely clear how Apple intends to use this patented service. It does mention a number of different types of mobile payments methods from NFC technology to peer to peer, and even direct carrier billing. That said, this remains only a patent application, which means that while Apple would hold its rights, it is not in any way obligated to actually use them in a launch that it is planning.

NFC technology and fingerprint reading predicted for the iPhone 5S

NFC Technology fingerprint reading iPhoneRumors about the next Apple smartphone are flying and they include a number of additions.

The latest predictions about the iPhone 5S have been claiming that Apple will finally be including NFC technology in its device, and that it will be combined with a fingerprint reader for added mobile security.

This new pair of features could allow Apple to support payments with a great deal of added security.

Neither the rumors about the inclusion of NFC technology or of the fingerprint reader are new, but they are becoming increasingly prevalent in the predictions for the iPhone 5S. Both of those features had been predicted for the iPhone 5 release, but it looked as though the manufacturer was seeking further development before they were to be included in a release.

NFC technology has been long awaited from Apple mobile devices

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst from KGI, it is expected that the fingerprint reader will be built directly into the newest device’s home button. In addition to this prediction, the latest rumor from China, through Macotakara, has said that it is also the manufacturer’s intention to enable the iPhone 5S with NFC technology – a feature that was notably lacking from their last smartphone release.

This would allow the new smartphone to support mobile payments at any of the growing number of retailers and merchants that are already supporting mobile payments based on NFC technology. The security for the use of that type of transaction could be heightened if combined with the use of the fingerprint reader under the device home button.

In 2012, Apple purchased Authentec for $356 million, which would allow the company to add fingerprint reading to its devices for greater security levels. Authentec had already established itself as an expert in mobile biometric security even before it was acquired.

As security has been a considerable barrier to the use of mobile payments by consumers, the addition of the combination of the fingerprint reading with the NFC technology might make the difference in allowing consumers to feel more comfortable and secure in using their devices in place of a loyalty, credit or debit card for making a purchase while shopping in store.