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Mobile Gaming is revealed to be a daily pastime for many Android users

A new report from Flurry reveals that, globally, consumers play games for an average of 37 minutes every day.

The mobile analytics firm’s study analyzed 60,000 Android devices and discovered that of all these users across the globe, gamers in the United States are the ones who spend the most time engaged in mobile gaming, averaging 51.8 minutes each day, compared to other countries involved in the study that averaged the shortest times, which were France at 30.1 minutes and China at 28.6 minutes.

Mobile game playing has experienced significant growth in the U.S. over the past three years.

The growth in the mobile gaming sector in the U.S. is largely due to a greater number of consumers in the country adopting smartphone and tablets. With the bigger screen size of these gadgets, almost 50 percent of console gamers began using these devices last year. This is a 15 percent increase from 2011.

In terms of the average time (in minutes) gamers spend playing Android games in a day, the study found that Germany was the country that spent the second most time gaming after the U.S., averaging 47.1 minutes, daily. Also above the global average are Russia (40.8 minutes) and Italy (38.5 minutes). A marginal difference was found between South Korea (36.2 minutes) and India (33.4 minutes). It is speculated that the reason for this is due to the fact that India experienced the industrial revolution at a comparatively later stage and that low-end smartphones have become extremely popular in the nation. What was quiet surprising, however, was that the UK was one of the countries where the lowest average amount of time was spent, at just 32.4 minutes.

Mobile gaming apps that appear to be the most popular are Arcade & Action games.

mobile gaming reportThe Global Mobile Gaming App Industry 2014 and distribution of Android gaming apps report from Flurry also looked at the distribution of gaming app sessions by country and category. It learned that while Arcade & Action games were at the top of the list, Casual games followed close behind. The study found that:

• Arcade & Action games were the most popular in South Korea (74 percent) and China (53percent).
• Brain & Puzzle games topped the charts in Italy (55 percent) and Germany (53 percent).
• Casual games were relatively popular among all countries, but were particularly popular in Russia (56 percent) and Brazil (53 percent).

Jarah Euston from Flurry commented about the report’s Android mobile gaming findings saying that “it turns out that while we all speak the language of gaming, distinct dialects exist.” Euston added that “With the global gaming market expected to reach $24B by 2017, there’s plenty of room for both international standard-bearers and local delicacies alike.”

Mobile gaming revealed to be part of Android TV

Google is bringing mobile games to larger screens.

The massive internet company is not giving up the television playing field to Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV and has its own plans to attract users with Android TV, which, among other features, enables users to engage in mobile gaming on a big screen.

Android TV was announced at Google’s I/O developer conference.

The company held its annual I/O developer event last week in San Francisco on Wednesday, June 25, 2014. During the event, they made several announcements, including their Android TV platform, which Google has designed to work specifically with television sets and is powered by its open source operating system. This is what sets it apart from Amazon and Apple’s TV products.

Android TV is a platform, not a product. Google intends to work with different vendors to have its platform directly integrated into television set top boxes from Razer, Asus, etc. and into TV sets from companies such as Sony.

Android TV will enable users to access and use mobile apps on their TV screens. This means that mobile games will be an accessible option. This is big news, considering 70% of the over 1 billion devices that run Android across the globe, access a minimum of one game during the course of one month. Furthermore, ever since Google announced in 2013 the hub app for Android-based gaming, in the last six month, 100 million users have signed up.Mobile Gaming - Android TV

Android TV could have a significant impact on the mobile gaming industry.

The games that were demoed on Android TV during the conference were controlled using Android tablets. Although Google made no mention of making game controllers, it is leaving this option open to its hardware partners.

According to Greg Hartrell, Google Play Games Lead Product Manager, “when the Android TV platform gets adopted, OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] are going to push out a game pad kind of form factor.” He added that “OEMs will bring a variety of different form factors. They’ll continue to grow the ecosystem.”

Google believes that mobile gaming has room to grow on a technological level, as well as on a physical level – beyond the screens of smartphones and tablets. One of the advantages of Android TV is that there is a vast amount of content on Google Play. It will also encourage developers to think about how their games will not only appear on phones and tablets, but on large screens, too.