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Prepaid SIM Card Activation – Anytime, Anywhere: BioID and POS AG Cooperate for Biometric Identity Proofing

Nuremberg, Germany, June 18, 2019 –(– Biometrics-as-a-Service provider BioID today announced their integration into POS AG’s remote identity proofing for prepaid SIM card self-activation. The Austrian software development company is an innovator for the digitization of business processes, now entering the market of ID verification. With using BioID PhotoVerify, POS AG offers a full remote identity proofing workflow including biometric capability for determining the ownership of an ID document. This collaboration is set to deliver a solution for the new requirements European telephone companies must meet for prepaid SIM card activation. BioID’s technology ensures user presence and validates ID ownership effectively through face recognition with high assurance levels.

Automated verification of ID ownership

When checking the credentials of individuals to make sure they are who they claim to be, human interaction long was the only way to go. In a world of growing automation and a strong need for online fraud prevention, new solutions are on the rise. For remote identity proofing a first step to be taken is to check the authenticity of the presented ID document, e.g. passports, driver’s licenses etc. Biometrics then comes in for determining the ownership of the presented ID documents. With POS AG’s automated solution, the submitting person bypasses the cumbersome situation of seeing a designated agent in person or doing a video-chat with trained personnel for identification. POS AG’s workflow for prepaid SIM card self-activation is simple and real-time.

“POS AG aims at complementing the identity proofing market with a total solution that reliably determines not only that the ID is genuine but also that it belongs to the submitting person,” says POS AG’s CEO Berndt Vossebein. “User experience, security, and reliability were the main factors for choosing the German company BioID as a partner to win the market.”

BioID’s proprietary technology PhotoVerify combines liveness detection & face recognition to check the legitimate user’s presence requiring only two selfies. This process works with any device and any off-the-shelf camera. Anti-spoofing liveness detection is the strength of the BioID Web Service to prevent frauds using photos, videos or masks. With BioID’s PhotoVerify, service providers can be sure that the person submitting an ID is actually the owner of the ID. Therefore, BioID’s technology is an important factor in any automated identity verification solution.

“PhotoVerify was explicitly designed to solve the last mile of the online identity proofing for use cases like POS AG’s prepaid SIM card activation service,” says BioID CEO Ho Chang. “This collaboration enables a cost efficient and most importantly accurate solution with frictionless user experience.”

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POS Solutions GmbH
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NEXTEL 2.0 to Bid on Boost Mobile Locations Across the USA

Pompano Beach, FL, June 17, 2019 –(– NEXTEL™ another bidder for the Boost Mobile locations.

In 2018 the iconic NEXTEL™ brand was relaunched and reintroduced to the untapped business market by Retrobrands USA LLC and its exclusive licensee NEXTEL Inc. based in Davie, Florida.

The new NEXTEL 2.0 offers an array of high tech handheld and vehicular mounted devices for America’s business community and personal use. Whether it be the popular worldwide Push-To-Talk Over Cellular (POC) functionality, worldwide Push-To-Talk (PTT) with telephone capability, or worldwide Push-To-Talk with telephone & data, GPS based location tracking, or Point of Sale & Mobile workforce productivity, the new NEXTEL™ brand offers the features you need such as PC Dispatch Software, Group Connect & Private Connect Push-to-Talk functionality which can all be incorporated onto existing smartphones, devices and tablets.

“We are thrilled that this beloved American brand with all its new 4G LTE and emerging 5G technologies is once again available to the business community as well as personal use,” says Retrobrands USA LLC Managing Member, Jeffrey Kaplan. “Once the Sprint and T-Mobile merger is finalized and Boost Mobile locations are up for sale, we are hoping to arrange a deal to purchase the Boost and Sprint store front locations. We would love to work with America’s best and exciting technological leaders to achieve these goals. Our ultimate plan is to resign the 20 million former NEXTEL™ subscribers who were terminated by Sprint Nextel in 2013. Having an immediate 3000 NEXTEL™ store front locations would help NEXTEL 2.0 to become a multibillion dollar company in less than 3 years.”

Their exclusive NEXTEL™ licensee’s reps, and dealers are doing a great job throughout the USA and are signing up new happy subscribers. Please visit to learn more about the new NEXTEL 2.0.

About Sprint Nextel Corporation
In October 2010, as part of the “Network Vision” plan, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced the decommissioning of the iDEN network to reduce costs, improve the coverage and performance of the 3G CDMA network and enable Sprint Nextel to focus on 4G LTE technology. Sprint Nextel announced on May 29, 2012, that it will stop marketing iDEN devices in the third quarter of 2012 and that the iDEN network could be completely decommissioned “as early as June 30, 2013.” As of June 5, 2012, Sprint and Boost Mobile ceased offering iDEN devices, removing the devices and their associated service plans from the Sprint and Boost Mobile websites and retail locations. The Nextel national network and Nextel Brand was shut down and abandoned on schedule at 12:01am on June 30, 2013.

About RetroBrands USA LLC
The mission of RetroBrands USA LLC is to revive “abandoned” consumer iconic brands and to bring them back to the marketplace. NEXTEL Inc. under license, has successfully relaunched the NEXTEL™ brand and are actively seeking dealers and customers. Please visit to learn more about this unique and successful business model.

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Retrobrands USA LLC
Jeffrey Kaplan
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