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Texas Instruments introduces new NFC-enabled smart meters


Texas Instruments shows off new products at Metering Europe event

Texas Instruments is one of the several technology companies attending this year’s Metering Europe event in Amsterdam. The annual event has become a place where firms and technology developers can show off their latest creations and how these products can be used for metering projects concerning energy and the consumption of other resources. Like others presenting at the event, Texas Instruments has set its sights on NFC technology and how it can be used in smart meters to reduce the cost of meter systems.

NFC-enabled system can be integrated into existing networks

Texas Instruments is showing off two products it has developed at the event. The first is a smart meter system-on-chip that is designed to introduce more simplicity to smart meter systems. The company has gone to great lengths to design the technology so that it can be easily integrated into existing meter systems. It is equipped with NFC technology, allowing the system to transmit data wirelessly and communicate with other NFC-enabled platforms.

NFC smart meter can efficiently monitor energy consumptionTexas Instruments

The second product on display by Texas Instruments is called the Smart Meter Board. This is a scalable, modular smart meter system that incorporates a plethora of communication protocols. It is designed for use with an existing smart energy grid, allowing for various forms of metering of consumption and usage. This product is also equipped with NFC technology. Because the meter is used to monitor the use of electricity, consumers with NFC-enabled mobile devices can use the platform to make payments for the energy they use by simply waving their device near the meter.

Smart meters may have promising future ahead of them

The world is growing more interested in clean energy. Part of this interest calls for the adoption of practiced energy efficiency. Smart meters are able to efficiently monitor the use of electricity and help people make adjustments in their consumption habits to cut back on wasteful usage. Texas Instruments is one among many companies that believes smart meters have a strong future in the realm of clean technology.

Qualcomm throws sponsorship behind AllJoyn contest

AllJoyn aims to spark innovation in NFC applications

Prolific technology company Qualcomm has been revealed as a sponsor in the AllJoyn app contest, which is part of the company’s continuing campaign to spark innovation in the world of mobile applications. The contest tasks app developed to create new software using the AllJoyn platform, an open-source framework that allows for peer-to-peer interaction. Qualcomm has sponsored the contest with $170,000, which will be awarded to the developer that creates the most innovative mobile application for the competition.

AllJoyn platform provides framework for NFC apps

The AllJoyn platform facilitates device-to-device communications through the use of NFC technology. As part of the competition, app developers are encouraged to create new applications that make use of NFC technology is some way. The most commoQualcommn use of NFC technology lies in the realm of mobile commerce, where the technology is often used to facilitate transactions. NFC has seen some use in marketing, but Qualcomm is eager to see the boundaries of the technology pushed beyond its conventional uses.

NFC holds potential as data transfer mechanism

NFC technology holds a great deal of potential for wireless data transfer. Some companies have been using the technology to allow consumers to control electronic appliances without having to physically touch them. NFC chips have also been used to memorize the personal preferences of a consumer, thus activating an electronic device according to the parameters established by a consumer when the chip is activated by a mobile device. Qualcomm expects to see a wide variety of NFC-based applications come from the AllJoyn competition.

Availability of NFC-enabled devices still low

One of the largest problems facing NFC technology is the relative scarcity of NFC-enabled mobile devices. Telecommunications companies are eager to introduce new smart phones with NFC capabilities in order to capitalize on the booming interest surrounding mobile commerce, but the majority of these products are not expected to be released very soon. Without NFC-enabled mobile devices, the use of NFC applications is expected to be severely limited.