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Mobile commerce platform leader named as Branding Brand

Forrester Research has stated that the company has been “ranked as the leader” in its sector.

Branding Brand, the mobile commerce platform provider that is growing the most rapidly in the world, has now also been named as a leader in its industry according to the global independent research firm, Forrester Research, Inc.

The firm released a report that named Branding Brand as the leading provider.

The name of the report was “The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Commerce Solutions Providers, Q4, 2013.” The report indicated that the scores that were earned by the Branding Brand mobile commerce platform were the highest when compared to the rest of the competition. The firm was able to receive the top scores for market presence as well as its current offerings. It stood out as having a strong and rapidly growing retail client base. It also concentrated notably on pushing innovation, and has a powerful technology platform.

The firm made itself notably different as a mobile commerce platform, well beyond being a tech provider.

Mobile Commerce Report - Leader PickedThe company’s clients have noted a particular preference for the firm’s hands on consulting for smartphone based shopping as well as insight for retail that is made available. Also identified as high in value were the company’s responsiveness to client ideas and its program’s management skills. Outside of a solid consumer facing smartphone and tablet apps and web, the company has also done very well in increasing its installed base among its existing client base in order to expand on its offerings. This is especially true in the area of associate clientele applications and in-store kiosks.

The report explained that the company has focused its attention on becoming a solid platform instead of “doing bespoke client implementations”. When compared to its competition, its efforts with its platform have given it the ability to quickly develop and create new innovations in the mobile sphere, such as Passbook, across its complete client base, without racking up a large bill.

According to the co-founder of Branding Brand, Chris Mason, who is also its CEO, the company is proud to know that it is a mobile commerce platform provider leader, adding that “Now, it is our responsibility to continue innovating and earn this honor every day.”

Branding Brand continues to find success in mobile commerce sector

Mobile commerce vendor raises $9.5 million in funding

Branding Brand, a leading mobile commerce vendor, has announced that it has raised over $9 million in Series B funding. The company has made a major impact in the mobile commerce space, enabling large brands, such as Costco, Sephora, and Redken to facilitate mobile payments. Branding Brand is responsible for the e-commerce and mobile commerce platforms of more than 200 of the world’s top retailers, a major accomplishment considering the competition that exists in the mobile commerce space.

Funding to help company expand and improve services

Backed by new funding, Branding Brand is expected to expand its mobile commerce services as well as introduce improvements to its already existing platform. The company is likely to continue its focus on the mobile space, helping retailers make their existing web presence more mobile friendly. Branding Brand utilizes proprietary technology to make conventional sites more accommodating to mobile devices, improving the shopping experience that smartphone and tablet users have on these sites, thereby promoting mobile commerce.

Mobile Commerce SuccessBranding Brand helps retailers engage consumers more dynamically

Branding Brand does not only make websites more mobile friendly, of course. The company also helps develop engagement initiatives for retailers. For Sephora, for instance, Branding Brand introduced a feature into the company’s website that allowed Facebook users to easily invite their contacts to registry lists. Other retailers have made use of the services that Branding Brand offers. Branding Brand currently sees more than $1 billion in transactions coming through its mobile commerce platform, an increase from the $60 million in transactions it had recorded in 2011.

Mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity among businesses

Like other companies in the mobile commerce sector, Branding Brand has benefitted from the growing popularity of mobile technology. Today, consumers are more integrated into their smartphones and tablets than they have ever been in the past. This has led to the emergence of new forms of commerce and new shopping trends. Retailers around the world have been feeling the pressure to engage these consumers on platforms they have become very comfortable with, hence the increased interest in mobile commerce among businesses.