SmartDV Announces OpenCAPI™ Verification IP (VIP)

San Jose, CA, April 26, 2018 –(– SmartDV is announces today that it has joined the OpenCAPI Consortium, an open development community based on Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface technology. Upon joining, SmartDV is also announcing today the delivery of an OpenCAPI VIP.

SmartDV joins a growing roster of technology organizations that are contributing to the OpenCAPI Consortium and driving data center server innovation. Through the Consortium, members are working collaboratively to innovate on top of OpenCAPI, a high performance coherent bus standard designed to help the technology industry meet growing demands for more advanced memory, accelerators, networking and storage technology. Using the OpenCAPI specification, developers can enable high performance accelerators like FPGAs, GPUs, network and storage accelerators to perform functions that a server’s general purpose CPU is not optimized to execute. Because OpenCAPI technology has been made available to the entire industry through the Consortium, SmartDV has embraced open collaboration with other industry leaders to enable innovation and differentiated products to be brought to market faster.

The SmartDV OpenCAPI Verification IP is fully functional and shipping today. Deepak Kumar Tala, Managing Director of SmartDV Technologies India Private Limited said: “We have been working with one of our major customers, who is also an OpenCAPI member, to develop and verify our OpenCAPI Verification IP product. We are working closely with the Consortium and will deliver additional products to support the standard.”

“The development model of the OpenCAPI Consortium is one that elicits collaboration and represents a new way in exploiting and innovating around coherent accelerator processor technology,” says Scott Graham, OpenCAPI Consortium Chair. “New OpenCAPI Consortium members like SmartDV will be able to create and add their own innovations to further advance differentiation and growth of the OpenCAPI ecosystem.”

About OpenCAPI
To learn more about OpenCAPI and to view the complete list of current members, go to

About SmartDV
SmartDV was founded in 2008 by three senior engineers with extensive experience in the design and verification of complex ASICs. SmartDV has a staff of over 200 engineer focused on semiconductor design and VIP. SmartDV maintains its IP leadership position by continuously staying atop the latest technology advances and bringing that information to its customers. Our of the company’s strengths is the SmartCompiler™ technology that automates the consistent generation of IP and the writing of the verification environment and test cases for ASIC verification, significantly saving ASIC verification time.

SmartDV offers high quality standard and custom protocol Verification IP, Memory Models, Simulation Acceleration (Emulation) IP and Design IP covering MIPI, Networking, Video, Storage, Automotive and processor interfaces. The VIP and Design IP are licensed to over 120 world-wide customers including the industry’s leading semiconductor and system companies. SmartDV also offers ASIC and FPGA design and verification services with an emphasis on quality deliverables. SmartDV VIP are 2-4x faster to compile and simulate compared to our competition.

SmartDV is headquartered in Bangalore, India with local offices in San Jose, CA. More information can be found at

Press Contact for SmartDV:
Steve Pollock
Phone: +1 408 888-8418
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SmartDV and SmartCompiler are trademarks of SmartDV NA, LLC. All other tradenames and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Contact Information:
Steve Pollock
408 888 8418
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eSports Pros and Fans Get Their Very Own Online News Network with Launch of Gamer World News, Debuting Today on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku & Multiple Platforms

Calabasas, CA, April 26, 2018 –(– Filling a crucial void in the explosive multi-billion-dollar eSports/gaming industry, Gamer World News Entertainment (GWNe) officially debuts today as an ambitious new, free and completely independent 24/7 multi-platform network, featuring eSports and gamer news, information, entertainment and original programming exclusively dedicated to professional, competitive and casual gamers.

GWNe is available on its home website, and also on major OTT platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Android TV, Facebook, and YouTube. GWNe will also be available soon on Xbox, Playstation, and many more platforms.

In addition, the new network is launching with a robust social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, Snapchat, Flipboard and over 200,000 global publishing sites.

Global Domination eSports revolves around competition between gamers, either one-on-one or in small teams, with Dota2, CS:GO and League of Legends among the favored games. The current eSports gaming industry is closing in on $1.5 billion in global revenues and is experiencing a staggering 22% annual growth rate. Recent stats show Asia is the leading eSports market with over $320 million in revenue, while North America is at about $225 million, and Europe is close to $175 million.

Considered by many to be the future of eSports, female gamers continue to play an increasingly essential role in the industry, with 40% or more of eSports enthusiasts today being female in many parts of the world – a percentage that is certain to keep climbing significantly in the future.

The Definitive Resource For eSports & Gamer News
Blending the best of a network news platform such as CNN International with in-depth high gloss magazine style feature stories, GWNe provides eSports and gamer news coverage that spans both the industry and the world.

Offering an unprecedented blend of live, packaged and produced content, using Avid’s NSYNC2 motion tracking with gamer engine technology and backed by high-end graphics, GWNe features breaking news from the very latest in professional and competitive eSports, global gamer news, reviews, scores, the latest gamer-related tech, health and psychology stories, interviews with top teams, leagues, publishers and renowned gamers, player tips, cultural features, and exclusive trend segments.

In addition, GWNe will soon offer a premium insider admission for special access to elite gamer content from pros and competitive gamers around the world.

A Fresh Perspective
GWNe’s team of newscasters includes a talented group of gaming enthusiasts and entertainment industry personalities comprised of Michelle Jubilee, Andrew Anderson, Sheri Nadel, Brian Hanford, Tian Wang, Jordy Altman and Rob “Capt. Rob” Steinberg – all of whom offer their own fresh, informed and occasionally controversial perspectives on the fast-growing eSports and gamer universe. Among the many fun and provocative regular features on the GWNe network are outspoken “Point and Counterpoint” opinion segments featuring “Capt. Rob” and Tian Wang.

GWNe will also be home to a boldly original new series entitled, “The Fall Out,” inspired by some of the most popular post-apocalyptic video games, including Metro, Wasteland, Borderland, Fallout4 and Deux Ex. More details about the show will be announced shortly.

The Neutral & Independent Voice of eSports
Unlike the many eSports or gamer news resources that are affiliated with publishers (video game manufacturers) who predictably favor select products and competitions, GWNe stands out as an entirely independent network whose only mandate is to present professional eSports, gamer news, feature stories and diverse programming in the most timely, unbiased, informative and entertaining manner possible.

Moreover, while many eSports news resources cater solely to a very select group of professional players and specific games, GWNe is readily accessible to the entire global audience of professional eSports, competitive, casual gamers and VR enthusiasts – a group that includes Gen Xers and baby boomers who enjoy playing online, on their own or with their kids.

Perhaps most importantly, all GWNe content will always be presented in an authentic gamer’s voice by people with a genuine passion for eSports and game content with a commitment to presenting stories that appeal to male and female gamers of all ages, interests, skill levels, and geographic locations.

Leading The Way
With a multi-faceted, long-term business model that includes advertising, sponsorships, syndicated content, special events, strategic partnerships and branded merchandise, GWNe was created by highly respected entertainment veteran and television syndicator and producer, Gayle Dickie.

GWNe’s strategic distribution partner is Lightcast (, an innovative digital technology company that seamlessly delivers compelling video and live event content throughout today’s global media universe. As a leading Multi-Platform OVP and Content Management System, will deliver GWNe’s on-demand and live-stream content to viewers on every screen and device, including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

GWNe’s additional strategic distribution and monetization partner is Eyez (, a leading eSports video technology company that serves eSports content creators by providing new digital distribution opportunities, revenue channels, actionable audience insights, and analytics.

With the phenomenal global growth of eSports for professionals, competitive and casual gamers, this full technology stack (DMP, DSP, SSP) enables players, teams, game publishers, leagues and venues to grow their respective brands and audiences, with a focus on growing sponsorship and advertising revenue.

Co-Founders Dave Fisch and CJ Bowden, digital advertising entrepreneurs and operators, have worked with hundreds of advertisers with proven success on over 60,000 campaigns. Dave Fisch explains, “This is clearly the focus the eSports and gamer world needs with a winning combination of premium top tier news from GWNe and our ability to monetize and distribute for the entire eco-system.”

Filling The Void In eSports News
Commenting on the launch of GWNe, Dave Fisch, Co-Founder of said, “This is a brilliant idea that’s long overdue. Supported by very impressive on-air hosts and a creative production team, Gayle has taken the time to create a network that looks and feels authentic with ’state of the art’ gamer technology and high quality production value with a truly riveting array of channels, giving gamers and eSports companies like ours the news and insights we need to stay on top of the eSports and gamer world globally. Here’s to a bright and successful future for GWNe!”

Added GWNe founder Gayle Dickie, “eSports is an undeniably explosive market that’s been underserved for far too long when it comes to quality news and original programming. My profound gratitude to everyone on the GWNe team and our valued investors for bringing this launch about as we look forward to being the true global independent leading news source for eSports pros, competitive players, everyday gamers, fans and advertisers around the world for many, many years to come.”

Media Contact:

Peter Berk, Partner
Hot Ice Media
(818) 222-9092
[email protected]

Contact Information:
Hot Ice Media
Peter Berk
818 222 9092
Contact via Email

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TechRestore Announces New Advanced Care Service Solution for Technology Deployed in Education

Louisville, KY, April 26, 2018 –(– TechRestore has just announced a new product for Education customers – TechRestore Advanced Care aka “TRAC.” This is the first Advanced Care service solution designed to protect technology in the classroom. As an alternative to AppleCare Plus or other insurance coverage, the goal of TRAC is to eliminate downtime, deductibles, incident and shipping fees and the worry about exceeding budget constraints.

Schools that deploy technology in the classroom can experience advanced care in three different solutions, including a 2-Year, 3-Year, and 4-Year Advanced Care agreement. These three solutions offer care and accidental damage protection for all Apple portable devices and Chromebook machines as well. For one flat fee per device, TechRestore provides a protective case, a loaner pool of like devices, complimentary repairs and free shipping.

TRAC is the result of working with schools and districts across the country over the past 14 years. They have effectively tailored their quote, repair, invoice and billing systems to each client based on their needs. A common worry for Tech Coordinators is how to balance the cost of quality repairs with budget constraints and how to minimize the amount of time students or teachers are away from their device. These coordinators also have to balance and make the most use of their time, which can easily be wasted navigating insurance provider’s red tape, verifying coverage, waiting for approval of a claim and keeping track of its progress through the repair. All this time is a precious resource that could be better spent focusing on the reason we have this technology in schools – the students.

TechRestore’s Advanced Care service addresses these and many other concerns in a way their customers are accustomed to: up front, no hassle and trustworthy.

With a dedicated account specialist and certified technicians to handle the repairs, schools can feel confident their devices are in good hands. With over 50-years of certifications and thousands of completed repairs, TechRestore is ready to overcome any hesitation.

According to Jeff Jewell, President of TechRestore, “Our new TRAC program builds on our experience repairing Apple Computers, iPads and Chromebooks over the last decade.” He goes on to say, “With the launch of TRAC, schools and districts across the nation can now experience both the high speed and unmatched customer service that TechRestore is known for with a fixed, one-time cost.”

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of the TRAC program is its cost, which starts as low as $59 per device. At that affordable price, schools receive a premium protective case, all functional repairs, and free shipping. According to Jewell, many of their school customers have been asking for a solution and today, TechRestore delivers it.

Amidst the turmoil schools and districts face with cutbacks and budgetary concerns, the timing of this announcement couldn’t be more relevant. TechRestore is extremely excited about this addition to their family of services designed specifically to provide top tier service to the education sector.

About TechRestore:
Created out of a passion for the products we sell and service, TechRestore brings together an unmatched repair and product expertise team to provide sales and support for portable electronic devices such as Apple and Chromebook computers, iPad, iPhone and more. With over 15-years of experience providing solutions for our customers, we’ve still kept our sense of wonder about how fortunate we are to work with these fantastic products and people each day. TechRestore customers can rest assured that while their products may fail them, TechRestore never will.

For more information, please contact:

Company: TechRestore
Phone: 1-888-64-RESTORE ext. 101
E-mail: [email protected]

Contact Information:
Jeff Jewell
Contact via Email

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