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Ace Infoway Puts Customers First and Unveils a User-Friendly Redesigned Website

Los Angeles, CA, March 30, 2020 –(– Developed in just 46 days, Ace Infoway knows how to push its boundaries and deliver the best.

Ace Infoway, one of the best Web and Mobile Application Development Company, announced the launch of its newly redesigned website. Developed in 46 working days only, the site now features a cleaner and more user-friendly design. The redesign includes thoughtful aesthetic enrichments to provide a more engaging user experience and enhanced navigation that is a great help for the visitors to access information.

“The launch of company’s redesigned website is the representation of Ace’s new look, commitment, teamwork and strong desire to grow as a company together. The company treat clients like Partners, relentlessly working towards a common goal of achieving success and delivering seamless excellence. Company have made sure to reflect the same on website,” noted Vipul Shah, Sr. VP – Operations & Client Engagement at Ace Infoway. “The company want website to mirror their 2020 speed mantra to Focus, Accelerate and Push Limits to Take more Leaps.”

The website features a host of new technologies incorporated to give a seamless user experience. Built with the latest HTML5, compact with Semantic Tags, Modularize HTML and CSS3, the website UI is user-friendly and behaves like a progressive web application.

Along with this, a new image format, WebP is used to build the site that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. There is considerable use of SVG images (Scalable Vector Graphics) and Lazysizes, making it a more SEO friendly website.

Curious to know what they can do for you? Check out the Services section – they have made a notable difference to their client’s business and it will be easy to replicate it for you.

Know about their client engagement and see the real-world examples and Case Studies of completed projects that outline the value created.

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– About Ace Infoway

As a 20-year old organization, Ace Infoway is a passionate “go-to” Technology Partner for web/software agencies and web-enabled businesses in various industry verticals, across the globe. With their vision to help clients achieve their tech vision and exceed their expectations, Ace Infoway ensures its new website is the platform to share the success stories of their clients above all else.

Ace Infoway is proud to be an extended partner and offshore development center for over 50+ channel partners for diverse business models. Ace’s value proposition lies in its diverse domain expertise, minimum learning curve period and efficient turn-around-time.

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Sytel’s 48 Hour Cloud Contact Center Challenge

Aylesbury, United Kingdom, March 29, 2020 –(– Sytel have installed a production-ready 200 seat cloud contact center within 48 hours, in response to a customer needing a fast operational shift.

Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay recounts: “The call came in late Friday night: ‘Can you get a 200 seat contact center up and working over the weekend?’ ‘Sure’ we said.

“So during the weekend…

• We installed our Softdial Contact Center™ platform using the customer’s virtualisation infrastructure

• We helped them connect to their phone carrier

• We showed them how to configure inbound queues and how to route calls to the most appropriate agents

• They deployed a browser environment and headsets so that agents could work at home just as if they were in the contact center

• Jointly, we wrote some scripts for the agents to use

• They integrated our system with their database, enabling scripts to take data in real time from customer records

• They made sure that the script wrote call results back to their database, to keep the back office people happy

• They set up our IVR to play messages to any inbound callers waiting in queue

• We figured out which reports they would need

• We showed them how to use our screen/voice recording product to review agent performance

“Monday morning was Go Live time. Result… one very happy customer!”

Eduardo Miller, Sytel’s Hosted Deployments Director, added “Super job by a super team! If Sytel can help other organisations install new systems quickly, including home working, just email [email protected] Any time, any country.”

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