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SAFE App Announces "Date Responsibly" Initiative on Valentine's Day

Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2019 –(– SAFE App, which lets people privately show their verified STD status on their phone, is announcing the Date Responsibly initiative: a call to action promoting sexual health and accountability, with the goal of ending the spread of STDs and sexual assault in our lifetime.

Dating apps and social networks have fundamentally changed the way we meet, date…and mate. Nearly a third of all relationships begin online. Dating apps have also made casual sex more accessible, and more acceptable. According to the CDC, STD rates have reached an all-time high in the U.S. — for the fourth year in a row. One in five Americans is currently infected with a chronic, incurable STD. Reports of sexual assault and misconduct have also risen dramatically, with nearly 25% percent of woman in the U.S. stating they have experienced sexual assault. Over 90% of these cases involved consumption of alcohol.

Building on the success of the “Drink Responsibly” campaign initiated by the adult beverage industry, Date Responsibly invites brands across the dating and alcohol industries to become part of the solution, promoting a new framework for respectful interactions.

“One of the key tenets of the campaign is, ‘Respect yourself and your partners,'” Co-Founder of SAFE, Lauren Weiniger states. “We want to empower people to be transparent about their sexual health status, and to demand transparency from their partners. It’s not about blame or shame. Our mission is to end the spread and stigma of STDs in our lifetime.”

The SAFE App allows potential partners to verify each others sexual health status, and provides the easiest, least expensive way to get tested. The secure, HIPAA-compliant SAFE APP also provides technology that enables dating apps to add the SAFE BADGE to their user profiles, indicating a person has been tested, and can prove it in person if they choose.

Mark Brooks, online dating expert, and CEO of the Internet Dating Excellence Association said, “Dating apps have gotten some bad press, despite enabling positive connections and love for people around the world. Date Responsibly presents an opportunity to be part of the solution.”

Ken Mayer, CEO of SAFE Group says, “We’re not telling people to stop dating or stop having sex. We’re saying be smart about it. Don’t let one bad decision change the course of your life, or someone else’s.”

Join the SAFE Group on their mission to make the world a safer (and more fun) place to be.

SAFE App lets people show their verified STD status on their phone, and provides the easiest and least expensive way to get tested and treated. More than an app, SAFE is a movement to end the spread and stigma of STDs in our lifetime.

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House of Hope Deploys New Safety Wearable Technology

Scottsdale, AZ, February 14, 2019 –(– House of Hope, a provider of residential and outpatient treatment for people who suffer with substance abuse and mental illness, has teamed up with AlertGPS, the nation’s most respected provider of mobile safety solutions, to increase the effectiveness of their outpatient treatment programs.

House of Hope is using the AlertGPS safety platform to give their clients the freedom of an outpatient setting while also staying aware of their location using the award winning AlertGPS safety wearable with GPS technology.

AlertGPS’s cloud-based portal and wearable devices provide accurate location monitoring and reliable 2-way cellular communication, giving the House of Hope and their clients a solution that meets their needs.

With a press of a single button, the device initiates a voice call to the House of Hope, and location data is transmitted to ensure that the caseworker can keep tabs on their patient’s location, and can communicate if transportation or other services are needed. AlertGPS customized their safety platform to meet the specific needs of House of Hope clients who are beginning to re-enter the community.

“The safety platform that AlertGPS is providing for our treatment program is already proving remarkably effective,” said Sue Glasscock, CEO of House of Hope. “This is a great partnership that clearly demonstrates how business and technology can provide critical help to people struggling with addiction. We are delighted by the early results and thankful to AlertGPS for introducing their innovative approach to the Broward recovery community.”

“House of Hope is bringing purpose-built safety and location technology to the treatment of vulnerable patients who are hoping to restore their lives and rejoin their communities,” said Carol Colombo, CEO of AlertGPS. “Their phenomenal treatment program values innovation and quality in delivering services to their clients. AlertGPS is proud to provide technological support to House of Hope’s professionals, who deserve a solution that’s targeted to their specific needs.”

About AlertGPS
AlertGPS is a leading innovator in connected enterprise safety technology. The Company’s solution offers the quickest way to locate, communicate and get help to mobile workers. AlertGPS’s safety wearable devices combined with its mass communication & alerting platform, pro-actively monitor and enable rapid communications and emergency response to workers who are injured or threatened. At the touch of a button, a worker can quickly trigger a 2-way emergency call to AlertGPS’s Safety Monitoring Center, trained to dispatch help anywhere in the US. For more information, please visit

About House of Hope
House of Hope is a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the treatment and support of those with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Since 1969, House of Hope/Stepping Stones has provided hope and healing to more than 500 men and women annually, in both residential and outpatient settings. House of Hope plays a critical role within the continuum of care and provides hope and healing to those with no other alternatives.

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