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Ask My Buddy Co-founder Wins Prestigious AARP Fellowship

Boca Raton, FL, December 07, 2018 –(– Ask My Buddy, Personal Alert Network, a platform for providing users with a voice-activated assistance network, announced today that its Co-founder, Pat Coggins, was awarded a 2018 AARP Purpose Prize Fellowship Award at its annual Prize Ceremony at The United States Institute Of Peace in Washington, DC on December 5, 2018. Honoring the concept that making a difference doesn’t stop as you age, AARP acknowledges the millions of older adults using their experience to give back, to solve problems, and to change lives. The AARP® Purpose Prize® and Fellowship awards honor extraordinary individuals who use their life experience to make a better future for all.

Mr. Coggins’ experience and knowledge prepared him to recognize that with the advent of voice platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa, he could solve a real problem for people of all age groups. Ask My Buddy, Personal Alert Network, is a free “skill” available on Amazon Alexa, Google Home / Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana voice platforms. Ask My Buddy enables voice services such as these to send a “check on me” notification to a user’s Personal Alert Network, just by speaking.

Ask My Buddy is not a substitute for 911 but rather an additional tool offering the security of knowing help is just a shout away. When a user says, “Alexa, Ask My Buddy to Send Help,” a “Please check on me” request is immediately sent to the people on the contact list by text message / SMS, an email, and a voice telephone call, all with one command.

“There are many tools available for summoning help,” Coggins acknowledges, “but the most valuable alert method is the one that is accessible when needed. In many cases, valuable time is lost due to the fear of calling 911 until it is too late because of the uncertainty if the urgency will pass. While dialing 911 for emergency services is always recommended, many won’t for fear of being billed for it,” he added. “Hip fractures are one of the most serious types of fall injury and are very immobilizing. If the person is not carrying a phone, or a medical device at the time and location of their fall, they will very likely be stuck on the floor until a friend or neighbor checks on them.”

Personal Emergency Response (PERS) devices are popular, however it is reported that the majority of push button devices are never activated for a variety of reasons. Monitoring companies require surprisingly high fees for these PERS devices, while Ask My Buddy provides this basic service for free. Since Ask My Buddy uses one’s own contacts such as friends, neighbors, loved ones and even security, front desks, or management offices, it is less ominous to invoke the service and receive the needed assistance.

Moreover, the fear of falling, even without ever actually falling, has its own serious consequences. Seniors who fear falling may restrict their activity. This, in turn, creates premature physical and functional decline, which in turn increases their risk for falls. There is significant benefit combining the security of a voice activated alert system with the incredible variety of possible ways to interact with voice technology as a whole. Users can use the same device and method of interaction to play mind sharpening games, set reminders or alarms, listen to the radio, news broadcasts, or even audible books. Many users even consider the voice device to be a companion and member of the family.

“We believe this functionality and personification of the voice platform provides a sense of security, companionship, and well being in the user, which is more valuable than any one product,” Coggins concluded. “The fact that the Ask My Buddy service was acknowledged by AARP in their 2018 Awards just tells us that our efforts to make a difference in people’s lives are being noticed and that feels very rewarding indeed.”

Further information can be found on the Company’s corporate website:

About Ask My Buddy
Ask My Buddy, Personal Alert Network is a free service that leverages Amazon Alexa and Google Home Voice Platforms to connect our 138,000+ users to their Personal Alert Network using only their voice. The service is designed for ease of use by all customers, and is a favorite of senior and mobility challenged individuals. Ask My Buddy is not a substitute for 911, but rather an additional tool for those trying to preserve their independence, offering the security of knowing help is just a shout away.

Release dates:
Nov 13, 2015 – Amazon Alexa (first 30 skills)
Jan 5, 2017 – Google Home
May 10, 2017 – Microsoft Cortana

Contact Information:
Ask My Buddy
Sheryl Coggins
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Azpen Innovation Debuts Qi Wireless Charging Station with the Google Assistant

Plano, TX, December 05, 2018 –(– Azpen Innovation, an award winning developer of wireless charging products for Qi enabled devices, will launch an innovative Qi Wireless Charging Sound Hub with the Google Assistant at CES 2019.

The DockAll Assist model G600 is an all-in-one docking station with Qi Wireless Charging and Google Assistant built-in to charge and control devices at the same time. The DockAll Assist has been upgraded with fast wirelessly charging for smartphones or cases enabled with Qi wireless technology, three vertical 10 watt wireless charging coils and two full-size USB charging ports on the back to allow three devices to charge simultaneously. It features dual-channel NFC 5-Watt Bluetooth 4.2 speakers, a built-in microphone, and a MicroSD card slot which supports cards up to 64GB. Manage your audio, volume, and tracks directly from your device or from the DockAll’s front control panel. The dock itself charges horizontal or vertical devices up to 8 inches and positions at a comfortable upright 60-degree viewing angle.

“We worked closely with Google to develop a product that builds upon Google Assistant’s smart speaker ecosystem and are very excited to be a part of their growing brand,” said Jim Hu – CEO of Azpen Innovation. “Google Assistant and Qi Wireless Charging are at the forefront of technology and the combination of both platforms into one device provides a unique all-in-one, space saving solution consumers are searching for today.”

The DockAll Assist will be on display at CES 2019, January 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 4, upper level, #36170. For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Mike Glasscock at [email protected]

About Azpen Innovation:
A subsidiary of Mingtel Corporation, based in the rapidly growing Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas, with offices throughout the USA, Azpen is an award winning global supplier of consumer electronics, tablet PC’s, charging devices, Google Assistant integrated smart home products, and wireless accessories to the retail, wholesale, e-commerce, and B2B channels. Since 2008, the Azpen Innovation team is committed to developing creative, forward thinking products with cutting-edge technology, designs, and features focused on filling a need with cost saving solutions. “Innovative, Intelligent and Affordable.”

Contact Information:
Azpen Innovations
Andy Alfaro
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Mike Glasscock

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