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Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Welcomes Their Newest Members

Farmingdale, NY, October 21, 2019 –(– Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to welcome their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to introduce their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

David W. Earle–Government/Law Enforcement
Ronald S. Rudisill–Government
Christopher J. Pienczykowski–Union
Kelly Evans Wolff–Life Coaching
Christopher Jordan Wilson–Religion
Richard J. Robinson–Automotive Rentals
Janet Lewis–Education
Chands T. Leath–Nonprofit
Rick Schuster–Defense Products
Mar Kish P. Mosby–Wholesale Food Service
Donald A. Teal–Landscape Design
Raya Decoste Keye–Cleaning Service
Roger T. Weathersby–Government/Legal
Tamara M. Shoemate–Healthcare
Jeffrey R. Rust–Marine Transportation
Le Ann Hall-Streeter–Car Rental
Teresa Ward-Tucker–Import/Export
Sami M. Kefel–Healthcare Consulting
Kenneth Acevedo–Union
Cassandra J. Harris–Event Planning
Vernon D. Stone–Healthcare
Stephen H Bossin–Politics
Tomas Hill–Transportation
Wilford Hutchinson–Retail/Puzzles
Todd A. Haviland–Automotive
Wilbur Witt–Author
Basil G. Kimbrew–Nonprofit
William Burroughs–Healthcare
Mark D. Shaffer–Broadcast Media
Jerry Buonanno–Financial
Christina D. Louis–Real Estate
Theresa Myer–Education
Buddy Vail Jr.–Property Management
Daniel Ickes–Community Service
Marcella A. VanHorn–Real Estate
Barrington A. Burke-Green–Healthcare
Kerrie Hughes–Legal
Dorothea Crawford–Education
Syed F. Mohani–Information Technology
Tony Lee–Aerospace Products
Russell L. James–Apparel
Tina M. Richard–Travel
Suresh K. Sheth–Industrial Equipment
Monica Taylor–Education
Lynda M. Barbieri-Strain–Government
Troy J. Rulmyr–Employment Service
Stephen A. MacLean–Medical Devices
Deena Louise Burt-Barnes–Healthcare
Ferdinand Chapo–Restaurant
Jason A. Evans–Pest Control
Larry A. Frimerman–Government/Recreation
Mildred O. Carroll–Healthcare
Jeanette Simpson–Healthcare
Susan M. Hudon–Financial
Christian M. McGeachy–Interior Design
Samuel D. Fears–Private Investigations
Vlad Novotny–Nanotechnology
Michael W. Palmer–Transportation
John Kaepplinger Egloff–Automotive
Patricia Davis–Property Management
Mary Kay Hopkins–Healthcare
Victor M. Lee–Religion
Kari K. Rayl–Nutrition
Tracey Griest–Insurance
Krystle D. Chapman–Healthcare
Tawanna Church–E-Commerce/Skincare Products
Fran Dowling–Financial Consulting
Charmming F. Avery–Insurance
Johnny Tillman–Engineering
Gerald A. Sears Jr.–Funeral Home
Angela M. DeCesare–Education
Jerry B. Brown Jr.–Community Service
D’Elaine Hill–Transportation
Allison Wortham–Education
Deborah K. Turley–Healthcare
Jason C. Gomez–Retail/Oil and Energy
Ashley J. Cooper–Healthcare
John F. Kohls–Electronics
Joanne S. Calcagno–Education
Jason H. Jennings–Construction/Log Homes
Nathan W. Chlumsky–Martial Arts
Juan O. Batalla–Staffing
Ranjit S. Dhillon–Government
George Gore–Consulting
Marietta R. Percy–Government
Angela R. Matthews–Freight
Sabrina N. Scruton–Healthcare
Favor N. Chikelu–Organization
Fudge (Georgia) Acosta–Fitness
Jose T. Lepe–Medical Equipment
John F. Murphy Jr.–Security
Shella MacInness–Education
Thomas V. Scott Jr.–Healthcare
Peter M. Holser–Construction
Tommy L. Mapp–Government
Tracey O. Shivers–Financial
Shasta M. Nolte–Legal
Donald D. Huffman–Conveyance Systems
Manzoor A. Qazi–Healthcare
Jennifer L. Keller–Education
Corrine Gray–Retail/Dolls
Kevin D. John–Broadcast Media
Patrick J. McDonnell–Education
Greg Prozument–Retail/Furniture
Fathi Almomani–Restaurant
Bernd H.D. Whittneben–Retail/Landscape Products
Amy Lynn Gaga–Retail
Khalid E. Nafisah–Real Estate
Debra A. Coats–Marketing
Karen W. Thomas–Tactical Gear
Cheryl L. Currie–Education
Mary F. Collamore–Education
John Butler–Real Estate
Sherena White–Healthcare
Satwyneka I. Williams–Retail
Dale W. Lee–Printing
Bunnie Jackson-Ransom–Marketing
Edward J. Kriska–Education
Albert W. Lamere–Automotive
John H. Vanston–Management Consulting
Eddie Ferrell–Real Estate
Stacy Lee Wilson–Legal Service
Jon D. Harris–Food
Fadi Akileh–Telecommunications
Jeff Michael–Transportation
Tracy A. Carstarphen–Healthcare
David J. Getchell–Construction
David A. Turk–Agriculture/Livestock
Nun Amen-Ra–Education
Salondia T. Aveni–Government
Richard L. Seaberg–Architecture
Diana Feroyan–Financial
June A. Montowski–Retail/Wedding Favors
Sarah-Beth M. Gosselin–Education/Martial Arts
Anna Dulin–Apparel
Paul C. Grant–Real Estate
Sherley Akwandoh–Education
Eulalee Parker–Education
Michelle L. Reap–Restaurants
Smita P. Shah–Retail
Darrin L. Williams–Community Service
Tracy J. Crandall–Government/Legal
Lou Walters–Alternative Healthcare
Vinola Loyce Nelson–Education
Margaret A. Beeman–Equine Education
Monica M. Hegyi–Plastics
Robinson A. Araujo–Home Improvement/Painting
Tisha M. Lett–Massage Therapy
Mark M. Padaca–Real Estate
Alicia Yarbrough–Safety Consulting
Mary C. Bolduc–Healthcare
Donald L. Wilcox Sr.–Business Service
Rebecca E. DeMonney–Healthcare
Janice C. Berthoud–Nonprofit/Housing
Alice Lee–IT
Orlando B. Egoc–Healthcare
Kim C. Lincoln–Education
Essence U. Cheatom–Nonprofit
Jason M. Tani–Legal
Gary L. Brink–Industrial Infrared Equipment
Sara Hoots–Dance Education
Tony Mercado–Insurance
La Ruchala A. Murphy–Arts
Deb Lund–Art
Heryn O. Donald–Social Services
Vanessa King–Healthcare
Lillie A. Rivers–Retail
Jason W. Miller–Automotive
Teja Safai–Sports
Diane C. Renaud–Nonprofit
Sharon H. Koning–Hospitality
Harvey Good–Real Estate
Patricia E. Berg–Education
Carol M. Kummer–Healthcare
Michael S. Macy–Furniture
Thomas Cameron–Telecommunications
Deborah D. Ford-Flynn–Medical Billing
Anthony Barclay–Financial
John E. Leahy–Plating
Dan McCraw–Government/Military
Donnie R. Johnson–Education
Jean Ausenbaugh–Animal Rescue
Margaret Dennin Papp–Education

About Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide highlights the professional lives of individuals from every significant field or industry including business, medicine, law, education, art, government and entertainment. Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is both an online and hard cover publication where we provide our members’ current and pertinent business information. It is also a biographical information source for thousands of researchers, journalists, librarians and executive search firms throughout the world. Our goal is to ensure that our members receive all of the networking, exposure and recognition capabilities to potentially increase their business.

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