Mobile games targeted for censorship in the UK

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Mobile games attract the attention of the BBFC

Mobile games are becoming a more prominent part of British society and have even become the preferred medium of entertainment for some. As mobile games continue to grow in popularity, they are beginning to attract the attention of influential organizations, namely the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). The BBFC is a non-governmental agency that is funded by the film industry and responsible for the classification and appropriate censorship of video content both online and off.

BBFC will take over Classification Framework this year

The BBFC has announced that it will begin managing the “Classification Framework” that allows mobile network operators to handle access to commercial content. This framework imposes restrictions on content for consumers that are under the age of 18. Currently, the framework is only responsible for video content that is produced, but will soon cover mobile games as well. Beginning in September of this year, the BBFC is expected to begin imposing classification and censorship standards on various kinds of mobile games.

UK mobile games censorshipOrganization will work to address privacy issues with mobile games

The move from the BBFC comes as consumers begin to consume more content through their mobile devices than through traditional mediums. As consumption trends change, so to must the regulatory infrastructure in order to better serve a new generation of people and their shifting interests. Notably, the connection that mobile games have with children has become an area of concern within the United Kingdom as well as other countries. Many of these games are designed with children in mind, but they collect personal information from mobile devices upon which they are played. This has created a great deal of controversy, much of which is focused on the potential of mobile games violating the privacy rights of young people.

Mobile games may soon be regulated in the same way as film

The Classification Framework was initially managed by the Mobile Classification Board, but the organization has yielded control of the framework to the BBFC due to that organization’s extensive experience in the film industry. The BBFC is likely to help resolve some of the privacy issues that currently exist with mobile games in the United Kingdom as well as work to restrict access to mobile content involving drug use, ethnic discrimination, and nudity.

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