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ECT Defies Market Trends, Making 2019 a Landmark Year

Munich, Faroe Islands, January 25, 2020 –(PR.com)– ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG), Europe’s leading communications software company for the realization of value-added services, announces that the company again achieved record growth in 2019. The company experienced an annual order intake of over 23 million EUR. Although the company’s audited, consolidated annual report has yet be completed, it is already clear that in 2019 ECT exceeded the 20% top-line growth achieved in the previous year, while the bottom line grew by over 30%. In addition, due to the high order backlog at the close of 2019 and maintenance contracts for 2020, ECT already has more than 12 million EUR on its books for this year and anticipates continued record growth.

This landmark development is in line with the Board’s long-term goal of maintaining at least 20% year-to-year revenue growth. As Marshall E. Kavesh, the CEO and cofounder of ECT, explains, “After more than 20 years as a profitable, but midsized market player, we last year took on the ambitious goal of growing ECT from a 20 million Euro to a 100 million Euro company by no later than 2025. With the excellent results of the last two years we have made important steps in this direction. Our continued growth, profitability, customer relationships and innovations are the foundation for the long-term prosperity and independence of our company. This is a commitment we make to all the colleagues in our fantastic ECT team and especially to our much appreciated customers.”

Key highlights for 2019 include:
Expanded Depth and Breadth of Customer Relationships
– The vast majority of the orders were received from first-tier carriers which have been ECT customers for 10 years and longer, attesting to the deep satisfaction of the company’s customer base.
– In addition, the company, whose roots are in Europe, continued to expand its footprint in the Americas with new customer acquisitions and conducted direct sales worldwide.
– With one of Finland’s leading telecommunications operators, DNA, the company closed a three-year contract worth many millions of euros for the provision of, amongst other things, licenses for ECT’s application for Virtual PBX / Unified Communications, a license for the Service Creation Environment of the company’s Telephony Application Server (TAS) as well as the utilization of a Dedicated Agile Programming Squad.
– In indirect sales via its partner Nokia Software, the company took part in tenders worldwide, e.g. closing yet another major multimillion deal.

Major Investments in Cutting-Edge Telecoms Technology
– The company founded a new R&D unit for NFVi architecture, implemented integration with Nokia’s CloudBand Application Manager (CBAM) and plans to continue certification with other major VNF Managers in 2020. Few competitors are capable of offering this important, cost-reducing technology.
– All new solutions are implemented based on ECT’s VNFs with the option of full integration with a third-party VNF Manager, providing Automated Lifecycle Management.
– ECT implemented agile methodology throughout the company starting in January 2019 and also launched a program allowing CSPs to take under contract an ECT Dedicated Agile Programming Squad, enabling them to respond in extremely short cycles to the customizations and enhancements demanded by their major corporate and municipal customers.
– Within the framework of ECT’s Joint Agile Product Development, the company’s Innovation Department successfully launched its cutting-edge application for unified communications and collaboration, ECT Workspace, with selected CSPs.

Rapid Organization Growth
Although many other telecoms vendors are in retrenchment, ECT is accelerating the growth of its team: in 2019, the number of employees increased by ca. 25% compared to 2018 and is expected to grow by at least another 25% by the end of this year, the majority of the new positions being in R&D.

About ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG):
The ECT Group is Europe’s leading developer of value-added telecom services. With our virtualized platform (AS/MRF), innovative service applications and Joint Agile Product Development Program, major communications service providers worldwide realize products with minimal costs and the shortest possible time-to-market. We also migrate services from legacy, bare-metal platforms, innovating and consolidating them into one solution based on our VNFs with the option of full integration with a third-party VNF Manager, providing Automated Lifecycle Management. ECT provides core services, like SMSC, voicemail, MMS, WAP, carrier routing, NP, NTS, IVR, FMU, etc. and sophisticated services, e.g. for cloud call centers, UCC, workstream collaboration, chatbots, etc. We empower BT, Deutsche Telekom, DNA, Hi3G, izzi, KCOM, KPN, Liberty Global, Proximus, TalkTalk, Teliasonera, Totalplay, Virgin Media, Videocon, VodafoneZiggo, among many others. In addition to our own direct sales and service primarily in Europe, we also partner with Nokia Software which offers our products and services worldwide. Together with our customers and partner Nokia, we at ECT enjoy meeting challenges and creating opportunities.

Founded in 1998, ECT is an unlisted German public company with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in England, The Netherlands and the USA.


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CNet Training's Instructor Team Complete Certificate of Education and Training

London, United Kingdom, January 25, 2020 –(PR.com)– CNet employs 13 full-time Instructors who deliver technical education programs for the digital infrastructure industry internationally. The Instructor team have all successfully completed the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, confirming CNet’s commitment to on-going professional development and supporting its global leader status in technical education for the Digital Infrastructure Industry. The Instructors have completed the qualification alongside their busy full-time commitments for CNet, delivering technical education programs within the data centre and network infrastructure sectors across the world.

The Certificate of Education and Training (Level 4) is a nationally recognised teaching qualification and is part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). The program teaches the responsibilities of a teacher/Instructor as well as practical teaching and adult learning. The program teaches how to plan and deliver inclusive teaching and learning, how to deliver lessons, carry out assessments and manage assignments to deadlines.

The Level 4 program was taught via guided learning as well as an intensive program of additional evening work. Plus, every Instructor had to be observed, delivering a CNet program to monitor their teaching style and delivery before being successfully awarded the qualification. The Instructors are now qualified to use the most effective teaching style and utilise learning resources to meet the desired needs of adult learners as well as the processes and responsibilities required to help all learners get the most out of the program that they are studying. The qualification is supported by the Education and Training Foundation.

CNet is the global leader in technical education for the digital infrastructure industry, comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors, and is the only industry dedicated education provider in the world to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications. The Instructors’ Certificate in Education and Training (Level 4) qualification is a further step from CNet to raise the bar in technical education and to ensure all CNet programs are delivered to the highest standards.

All CNet Instructors are assessed on an on-going basis with regular Technical Audits to ensure their technical delivery is of the highest standards. The Certificate of Education and Training (Level 4) also fully complements the company’s ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for the quality commitment that they have held for 18 years. CNet’s quality management provides the learners and their employers with the confidence that a highly experienced and qualified Instructor is delivering the program. All CNet Instructors are well versed in the latest teaching methods, an understanding of adult teaching as well as being able to share valuable industry experience they have gained throughout their careers.

Andrew Stevens, CEO at CNet Training, says, “CNet is continuously looking to raise the bar and set the standards for the industry, over the past 18 months, all CNet Instructors have been working hard to complete their Level 4 certificate of education and training qualification. As an organisation, we spend a lot of time developing our Instructors to maintain the highest quality of delivery across our programs and the team. Time and time again, customer feedback mentions the Instructors, their in-depth knowledge and style of program delivery as a highlight of the program. Instructors are already required to participate in a meticulous training schedule. Each has to undertake a comprehensive and in-depth process for each program they will teach, their knowledge and quality of delivery is tested and refined to ensure it meets the high standards expected by the company. The Level 4 program displays CNet’s on-going commitment to learning, not just with our customers but across all our teams. This new qualification, alongside the rigorous train-the-training process, combined with the Instructors years of experience and knowledge of the industry leads to an unparalleled level of expertise in the delivery of programs across The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework.”

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