Data plans from AT&T are now offering double the plan size

Users of mobile devices are always looking for promotions with the best offerings.

As consumers use their mobile devices on an increasing rate for various daily online activities, data plans have become a critical part of their ability to access the internet when they are not within range of a WiFi connection.

This has created massive competition among the mobile service carriers across the country.

AT&T has now announced its latest promotion which doubles the size of its largest data plans. At the moment, the 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50GB Mobile Share Plans will all be doubled so that they will provide their subscribers with 30, 40, 60, 80, and 100GB respectively, for the same price. This promotion is already in effect and is generating a massive amount of interest for consumers who already adore their mobile internet and for those who have been looking to connect for the first time.

Considering the use of mobile devices, these days, it is easy to burn through data plans in one month.

At&T - Data PlansThis has given consumers every reason to sign their mobile devices up for shared plans with friends or family in order to be able to save money on their internet usage while outside of WiFi range. The plan that appears to be drawing the largest amount of interest, at the moment, currently costs $130 for 30GB. It costs only $30 more than the AT&T standard price for 10GB.


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This means that on the promotion for 30GB, the consumer would pay $4.33, instead of paying $25 per GB on the off-promotion standard 10GB plan. That said, if consumers are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, then they are urged to contact the company now because it is running the promotion only until Halloween. That said, once signed up, as long as the plan is not changed, it will be grandfathered for life, so this could be a deal worth checking out.

AT&T is offering these data plans not only to new customers, but they have also made the noteworthy move of offering their customers who already have one of these plans the opportunity to sign up for the improved pricing for double the data, provided that they contact the company within the required period of time.

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