Virgin Iconic Inc., an Easterling Group Company, Completes LightPointe and Firefly LiFi Marketing Agency Assignment, Following Acquisition of Firefly LiFi by Signify

San Diego, CA, February 28, 2019 –(– Virgin Iconic Inc., a marketing agency and business ventures firm that is part of The Easterling Group, announced at the MWC Barcelona wireless industry tradeshow that it has completed a nearly 8-year assignment in the wireless bridge sector assisting LightPointe Communications, Inc., and its spin-off company Firefly LiFi, which was recently acquired by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), as reported by LEDs Magazine and EdisonReport.

“I’m excited to have played a strategic and supporting role creating a world-class brand in the LiFi and Visible Light Communications (VLC) industry, and excited that our client Firefly LiFi was acquired by such a prominent global corporation as Signify,” said Todd Easterling, CEO of Virgin Iconic and The Easterling Group. “Virgin Iconic has a long track record of assisting start-ups and established companies in the wireless industry, including Ultra Low Latency (ULL) millimeter wave 60 GHz and 80 GHz point to point radio manufacturers, and other technology companies. When LightPointe, a company which Virgin Iconic exclusively assisted in the wireless bridge sector from 2011 to February 1st of this year, decided to create a spin-off company in the hot LiFi technology field, it turned to Virgin Iconic to help build the brand and increase value in the new company. Virgin Iconic proposed and named the company and its first product, handled trademark applications, designed all logos, brochures, spec sheets, websites, and created the investor presentation Pitch Deck that helped sell the company to Signify. We also wrote all press releases, managed tradeshows, advertising, and implemented our industry-leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Ads techniques, which helped position Firefly LiFi as a leader in LiFi technology. With the completion of our assignment with our client LightPointe, and the successful sale of Firefly LiFi to Signify, Virgin Iconic is now available for new assignments in the wireless bridge, LiFi, and other industries.”

LiFi (Light Fidelity) uses light spectrum to transmit data wirelessly, as opposed to WiFi, which uses radio waves. LiFi spectrum is highly secure, avoids RF interference and congestion, and is far more plentiful than radio frequency spectrum. Many leading corporations are investing heavily in LiFi technologies and companies, such as Samsung, Apple, GE, PureLiFi, Oledcomm, and Signify. In the EdisonReport, Elco Van Groningen, Senior Press Office Manager for Signify, stated, “We want to be the lighting company in IoT, so the expertise from Firefly LiFi will help accelerate our developments. It was a very strategic acquisition.”

Virgin Iconic, which is part of The Easterling Group (, assisted LightPointe for nearly eight years, following the approval of Silicon Valley investment firm Berg & Berg Enterprises in 2011, which is headed by Carl Berg, a real estate investor and venture capitalist who has been included in Forbes magazine’s list of the richest 400 people in America. Along with others, Virgin Iconic recommended investment in the LiFi sector to Berg & Berg in 2015, which became the initial investor in Firefly LiFi, as announced by the companies in June of 2016. Virgin Iconic managed Firefly LiFi’s marketing and PR since its inception and to the successful spin-off of Firefly LiFi to Signify, as reported in the press December, 2018. In addition to assisting LightPointe and Firefly LiFi in the LiFi arena, Virgin Iconic previously positioned LightPointe’s products in the wireless bridge industry, which includes leading manufacturers such as Bridgewave, Ubiquiti, Siklu, NEC, Ignitenet, Ceragon, Solectek, Aviat Networks, Radwin, E-Band Communications, Elva, Vubiq, and others. Virgin Iconic helped transition LightPointe from 1-Gigabit radios and Free Space Optics bridges to 10 Gbps point to point radios used to connect buildings and 5G LTE mobile phone cellular towers, and LightPointe remains a leading company in this sector.

Virgin Iconic’s announcement came at the MWC 19 tradeshow being held in Barcelona, Spain February 25-28. MWC Barcelona (formerly Mobile World Congress) is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 companies in the technology and wireless, electronics, and computer industries.

Virgin Iconic is now available for new assignments in the wireless industry.

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