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Mobile games making a splash in Australia

Mobile games AustraliaAustralian market sees shift due to mobile games

Mobile games have been having a major impact in Australia. The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (iGEA), leading game industry group based in Australia, has announced that the country’s game industry reported more than $1.16 billion in retail sales last year. Much of these sales were in the realm of mobile games. While mobile games adding momentum to sales in the game industry may not be a surprise, the effect they are having on consoles may mark a major shift in the retail side of the game business.

Console sales on the decline

According to iGEA, the rise of mobile games is having a major impact on consoles. For nearly the entirety of the game industry’s existence, consumers have relied on consoles to play their favorite games. The advent of mobile technology changed that, however, giving consumers the ability to play games from a smart phone or tablet. These devices has made it more convenient for consumers to game, thereby leading them away from consoles and toward mobile games.

Mobile games expected to see promising growth this year

The iGEA notes that the rise of mobile games has lead to the decline of console sales in Australia. Consumers throughout the country are favoring mobile devices for gaming and digital purchases. Technology analysis firm Telsyte estimates the mobile games sphere to experience 18% growth in 2013, backed from $620 million revenue generated in this sector during 2012. The firm expects that the growing popularity of mobile games will continue to have an impact on console sales well into the future.

Next gen consoles poised to compete with mobile games

A new generation of gaming consoles is on its way. Both Sony and Microsoft have plans to introduce their respective next gen systems this year. Both systems have been hyped aggressively and are highly anticipated among consumers, but whether they will be able to overcome the challenges they are facing from mobile games has yet to be seen. Sony and Microsoft may have taken steps to ensure that their consoles appeal to mobile gamers as it is expected for next gen consoles to include mobile elements.

Mobile games from GREE coming to the US

Mobile Games GREEGREE sets sights on US market for new mobile games

Japanese mobile games giant GREE has managed to conquer much of the gaming market in Asia. The company is behind some of the most popular mobile games that can be found in that region of the world, and has a very strong presence in social gaming as well. While GREE has seen a massive amount of success, the company is beginning to look toward expansion, and believes that the U.S. market is ripe for the taking.

GREE continues aggressive expansion efforts

GREE currently has a modest presence in the U.S. mobile games realm, but that is not stopping it from taking aggressive steps to bolster this presence. GREE has been acquiring several game development studios in the U.S., such as Funzio, recently in the effort to prepare for the launch of new mobile games. The company has also been increasing its staff. GREE International had a staff of only 12 people in 2011, and now boasts of a workforce 400 strong. With progress being seen throughout the companies numerous sectors, GREE is beginning to mobilize for its entry into foreign markets.

Tablets will be a strong focus for the company

GREE has a particular interest in tablets for its mobile games. The company notes that tablets are becoming more popular among consumers because of their enhanced capabilities over smart phones and other mobile devices. Larger screens offer higher fidelity images, while strong processors and GPUs allow gamers to experience games with higher quality animations and performance. GREE has ambitious for releasing collectible-style card games for these devices and will focus heavily on this genre for its entry into the U.S. market.

Mobile games continue to prove popular

Mobile games have become a lucrative and popular market for the game industry. Developers throughout the industry has found significant success through their focus on mobile games, adding further momentum to the performance of the market. Consumers have shown that they are willing to play mobile games of all types, and many are open to new experiences that are either absent in the current market or somewhat underrepresented.