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Magic Leap augmented reality demo draws praise and skepticism

The long awaited product demonstration has been accused of consisting of smoke and mirrors.

For a very long time, the industry has been waiting for the first Magic Leap augmented reality demonstration. There has been a great deal of secrecy surrounding the development of this brand’s technology. This has allowed the hype to build substantially over the many months.

The augmented reality demonstration has gone viral over YouTube, promising an astounding experience.

What was known about the tech under development was that Magic Leap augmented reality was going to be different from anything else out there. The company has been promising to change the way we think of AR. With such dazzling promises, it was clear that anything produced would not be on market shelves at any time soon.

This concept was only reinforced when beta testers were given access to early versions of the tech concept and were required to use a considerable amount of hardware just to make it work.

Now that Magic Leap augmented reality demonstrations have been made, the brand is facing stiff criticism.

Nobody assumed that the Magic Leap marketing would be precisely what consumers would be seeing when the hardware was produced. However, the company is now being criticized for going far overboard in their simulations. The public was promised an unbelievable experience and that’s exactly what the demo is suggesting might be the case – it’s not to be believed.

The video made to simulate what Magic Leap would have to offer included the work of a special effects firm. This set expectations very high and may make it very difficult for the brand to be able to deliver. The March 2015 viral video took in 3.5 million views. However, reports quoting former employees of the company revealed that the game illustrated in the video didn’t actually exist.

The demonstration of the current Magic Leap augmented reality experience is less than mesmerizing. As much as it is still advanced, impressive tech, it continues to rely on a large and clunky helmet that uses a number of cables to wire it to a powerful computer. The goal is to one day compress that tech to hardware that is more “spectacle-like”.

Augmented reality devices from Magic Leap will be built by the millions

The startup is currently driving forward at a rapid rate and intends to be huge in the not-too-distant future.

Magic Leap, a company that has already managed to raise about half a billion dollars from some massive tech giant investors have been working on secret technology for years now and it now looks as though augmented reality is going to be a central component to its future.

Its own version of computing over mixed reality is causing them to prepare for millions of gadgets.

The company, which has even received investment dollars from Google, is “gearing up to build millions of things,” said its president and CEO, Rony Abovitz. It is currently running part of its operations in Florida out of an abandoned Motorola factory and Abovitz said that it has begun manufacturing. “We’re not ready to announce when we’re shipping, but it gives you a signal that we’re not far,” he said. While not much is actually known about the device being created by the company, what is believed is that it will be a small sized computer that is self contained and that will likely include augmented reality as it is meant to be something that consumers will be comfortable using while in public.

Aside from augmented reality, it might also involve the use of retinal projection and was developed through surgical research.

Augmented reality devices built by the millionsOnce the Magic Leap device arrives, it is very likely that it will be in direct competition with the HoloLens from Microsoft, which is already taking development kit applications. The HoloLens is wearable technology that uses augmented reality and that has been in development for some time.

According to Abovitz, when it comes to his own company’s devices, “Anything you can do on a smartphone, you can do on Magic Leap.” This gadget also has a working software development kit and it has issued invitations to a number of development teams to start to make mobile apps that will be compatible with the tech. It also holds hackathons on a regular basis at its Florida offices.

So far, the mobile apps that have been built for the Magic Leap device include basic games that allow an augmented reality ball to be thrown back and forth, as well as an application that projects a digital hand and stove that provides directions for making macaroni and cheese.