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Isis mobile wallet activates 20,000 new users per day

The company also stated that it brought in 600,000 new members over the last month.

The Isis mobile wallet joint venture in the Unites States has now released a report that has indicated that it is activating an average of 20,000 new users per day, and that during the last month, it enjoyed an addition of 600,000 members over what it had previously registered.

Isis is the joint venture that brings AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile U.S. together.

This mobile wallet, like the other giants in this category, had a very slow start, facing far more challenges to adoption than had been anticipated. Now, it is gradually releasing a trickle of data to help to show its marketplace performance since its initial nationwide launch in November. Michael Abbott, the CEO of the company, wrote in a blog post that the current activation rate had reached double what it had been during the month before. That said, the company failed to mention exactly how many total activations had occurred since its NFC technology using mobile payments service became available.

There are now 68 different device models from the telecoms that support the Isis mobile wallet.

At the same time, Isis comes preloaded on 14 smartphones from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, and the plan is to add even more preloaded devices in the future. In his blog post, Abbott added that “We plan to further broaden our ecosystem of partners to provide customers with more options as well as new ways to save. We’ll continue to offer compelling consumer deals–all with the goal of helping consumers become ever more comfortable with mobile wallets.”Mobile Wallet - Isis

He also explained that in that vein, they will maintain their goal toward innovation to ensure that the users of Isis will be able to take advantage of an experience that is “simple and enjoyable” as they make their product purchases and complete their payment transactions.

A spokesperson for the company underscored the fact that this mobile wallet is now accepted at “hundreds of thousands” of store locations across the country that currently support mobile payments using contactless NFC technology. Some of these include Coca Cola vending machines, Jamba Juice, and even McDonald’s.

Isis teams with USA Technologies to bring mobile commerce to vending machines


Isis gets a boost through partnership with USA Technologies

USA Technologies, a leading cMobile Commerce - Isis teams with USA Technologies ashless payment solutions firm serving primarily small sectors of the retail industry, has teamed with Isis, one of the largest mobile commerce platforms in the world. Isis was formed as a joint venture from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile, and is the only mobile commerce platform that was able to garner the support of most of the world’s major financial institutions before its launch. Isis is poised to become the leading mobile commerce platform in the world, and it is getting a major boost from USA Technologies.

Mobile commerce comes to vending machines

USA Technologies has announced that some 7,500 vending machines in Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah, will be able to accept mobile payments made through the Isis platform. These vending machines will be equipped with USA Technologies’ ePort and ePort Connect services. These are NFC-based services that are designed to facilitate mobile, wireless payments. Users of the Isis platform will be able to use their mobile device to purchase products from these vending machines without having to use physical currency or connect to the vending machine in any way.

Vending machines use NFC technology

Because the vending machines will be equipped with NFC technology, only consumers with NFC-enabled mobile devices will be able to use the vending machines with Isis. The vending machines will accept traditional currency in order to serve those without Isis or an NFC-enabled device. Mobile commerce has seen some criticism in the past because of its acute focus on NFC technology. The scarcity of NFC-enabled mobile devices is part of the reason behind the criticism, as well as concerns regarding the security of the technology.

Isis poised to compete for mobile commerce superiority

Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum in the U.S., and Isis and USA Technologies are keen to take advantage of that fact. Isis is currently considered one of the only mobile commerce platforms that may be able to compete with Google and PayPal. Both these companies have invested heavily in mobile commerce, with PayPal working on developing an alternative to NFC technology that is more inclusive of a wider range of consumers.