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Augmented reality app transforms subway ads into artwork

New ad-blocking app replaces billboards in subway stations with art.

Called No Ad, the augmented reality app can change the advertisements that subway riders see on billboards to interesting pieces of artwork, and all the mobile user has to do to make this happen is launch the app, hold up their mobile device, and point the camera at an ad and watch as the poster for the movie, soft drink, etc. is replaced by digital static or animated artwork.

The app is free and works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

No Ad comes from Re+Public, a creative collaboration of artists. The AR app was created by Jordan Seiler, The Heavy Projects and Jowy Romano. So far, the app has collaborated with 50 artists and the plan is to grow this number with new partnerships, such as an upcoming partnership with the International Center of Photography, which will provide photographs from its collection. The intention is to display new art on a monthly basis.

According to American Photo Magazine, Artists like COST and Keith Haring “sought to take control over and diversify the imagery with which upwards of 5 million commuters were bombarded on a daily basis.” Essentially, the augmented reality art project gives subway riders something else to look at instead of the same ads everyday.

Augmented Reality App - Subway adsFurthermore, although the app has been designed for mobile devices, its creators “envision a future where users passively experience AR without cumbersome handheld devices, and instead simply use heads-up displays to experience an augmented public space hands free.”

The augmented reality app will not work on every ad.

There are certain circumstances in which the app will not work. For starters, it will not work if the advertisement has not been catalogued in the application’s system. Some other examples of when it won’t work are if the ad has been altered in some way, there is graffiti on it or there is one dominant advertiser.

Currently, the augmented reality app only works on the one-hundred most popular subway platform ads that are horizontally shaped, which are usually popular products, television shows and movies. In addition, at present, New York City is the only place where the No Ad application works.

Augmented reality app lets brides to be try on wedding gowns

This AR technology experience provides women with a virtual image of the way they’d look in various dresses.

A new augmented reality app is giving brides to be the opportunity to discover the perfect wedding dress styles for their body type and personal taste, and all this without ever having to step into a brick and mortar store.

This tool has been created to help to reduce the strain on wedding planning that can be felt by many brides.

While choosing a gown is meant to be a happy experience, many brides find that they feel overwhelmed by all of the planning involved in a wedding and all of the various dress options can become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Even among those who are keeping up with the planning, dress shopping can be highly time consuming and difficult to work into a very busy schedule. This new augmented reality app is meant to help to make this process much easier and cut out a lot of the time and stress that can be associated with it.

The augmented reality app can provide brides with the chance to see what styles, silhouettes and fabrics look best on them.

Augmented Reality App - Wedding GownsAccording to the Wedding Dress Studio app executive director, Hillary Sica, “With thousands of wedding dress designs available today, dress shopping can be very overwhelming for a bride-to-be.” She added that “We designed Wedding Dress Studio to alleviate some of that burden and help women visualize what silhouettes, styles, and even dress fabrics will potentially look the best on them.”

The company that designed the app used AR technology to help brides to be to be able to better visualize the way that a certain type of gown will look on their own unique bodies. That way, when they do head to a bridal salon, they will be equipped with a far clearer idea of what she does and does not want from her gown, narrowing down the number of choices, right from the start.

The dresses displayed in augmented reality are not actual dress designs but are instead simulated style, silhouette and fabric types that are similar to their counterparts in reality.