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Ferrari customers will use augmented reality to view their dream car

Shoppers who are looking for the perfect luxury vehicle will be able to use AR technology to help them find it.

Although Ferrari already offers online features to its customers and prospective shoppers that will let them to be able to customize their vehicles so that they can come up with the perfect dream car, it will soon be adding an augmented reality component to this experience that will give them an even clearer idea of how the real experience will feel.

This will help to gain a more thorough understanding of how various colors and features will look.

A growing number of automobile manufacturers are looking to augmented reality technology in order to help them to be able to provide their customers with an improved ability to envision what a car will look like with a certain paint color or interior upholstery. The reason is that it helps a customer to see with their eyes what they had previously needed to imagine in their minds.

Now, the Ferrari Augmented Reality Showroom will help potential customers to design their vehicles in real-time.

The AR app is designed to be used with a tablet for the best results. It makes it possible to be able to use the rear-facing camera on the device in order to track three dimensional objects. Once the device is aimed at one of five different compatible models of Ferrari, it is possible to superimpose a range of different features to be able to see how the vehicle would appear after those changes.

For example, the color of the paint can be changed, as can the brakes, wheel combinations, and a spectrum of different other accessories. This is similar to the feature that is already available with a computer, except that it allows the user to see the changes on a vehicle that is right in front of them.

It also lets a potential customer use the augmented reality to be able to see what is behind the outer “skin” of the car. It reveals the powertrain, as well as an expanded, three dimensional view of the vehicle’s braking system. It creates an overlay of a virtual wind-tunnel that makes it possible for the mobile device user to visualize the vehicle’s aerodynamics. The system is currently on its way to Australian and Japanese Ferrari dealerships and is expected to be in place later in 2015. It will be compatible with the FF, the California, the 458 Spider, the 458 Speciale, and the Berlinetta.

Augmented reality mobile banking app launched by Westpac New Zealand

This represents the first time that AR technology has been used for managing money in a smartphone application.

Westpac New Zealand has now announced the release of an original type of mobile banking app that allows customers to be able to manage their money through the use of augmented reality technology.

The application was made possible through an international crowdsourcing effort in the United Kingdom.

This crowdsourcing occurred through the Westpac Global App Challenge – UK. This augmented reality mobile app brought together a 3D technology with a simple platform that provided a new level of dimension to the user’s ability to manage money. Simon Pomeroy, the chief digital officer of Westpac New Zealand explained that the primary goal of the bank in creating the app was to make it easy to use for the average consumer.

The use of augmented reality is a unique one when it comes to this type of mobile banking experience.

Mr. Pomeroy explained that “Once the app is set up a customer only has to tap it open and hold their credit or debit card under the camera on their phone. They then have access to a number of features that use 3D to bring the information alive.” He also went on to add that the bank is devoted to simplifying the banking experience for its customers and that this is only one of a number of examples of the ways in which they are doing this.

He stated that “This is another example of how we are using customer data in a far more personalized and visual way allowing customers to better understand and get more out of their finances.” Using AR technology can make it possible for the bank’s customers to check on the amount that they have spent on their credit cards over the prior five weeks, as well as the due date of their credit card payments, their previous five purchases, and their Hotpoints loyalty card balance.

Westpac has also revealed that it is seeking to broaden its augmented reality capabilities so that it will be more convenient for customers to make mobile payments transactions when purchasing products and services.