STT Next Gen Dynamic Encryption Demonstrated at 2017 Verizon OCR

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Austin, TX, August 14, 2017 –(– STT’s network security software, STTarx, successfully protected networks against live hacking and pentesting attempts during Verizon’s unique Operation Convergent Response (OCR) 2017 crisis simulation event at Guardian Centers of Perry, Ga. Powerful, user friendly, and long term communications security solutions offer critical protection to first responders as the scale and unpredictability of natural and artificial disasters rise.

The STT team enjoyed the collaborative spirit of the event. They brainstormed elegant and innovative solutions with Subject Matter Experts (SME)’s and others on the state of advanced security, cryptanalysis, and defense in depth in daily life and emergency scenarios. STT fulfilled live requests from participants to build new STTarx protected networks in real time, adding devices from industrial Aegex tablets to Internet of Things (IOT) gateways. These network nodes were installed and provisioned within minutes.

STTarx also demonstrated the uninterrupted network communications and ease of changing traditionally difficult network security policies on the fly, from security zones to dynamic Virtual Private Network (VPN) encryption ciphers rotating as fast as once per second, all while under cyber-attack.

STT remains proud to have empowered the event participating first responders and Verizon’s Head of Network & Security Innovation Programs, Jeff Schweitzer, in the next generation Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) today and tomorrow.

About STTarx

STTarx is a unique network security software solution – an elegant combination of dynamic encryption, key management, network segmentation, authentication, installation and management into one software agent.

Benefit from the reduction of the number of vendors, appliances, software licenses, insurance, costs, and personnel while replacing or augmenting endpoint firewalls, Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), Device Authentication Control (DAC), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies with STTarx.

STTarx is lightweight, fast, Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) compliant, internationally exportable and runs with minimal network and processing overhead on standard IP networks.

Protected by three patents, including modular dynamic encryption, STTarx has the Official Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) designation from Department of Homeland Security.

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