CoffeeTable app becomes universally available for all iOS devices


CoffeeTable app iOS DevicesCoffeeTable now available on iPhone

CoffeeTable, the highest ranked catalog shopping application for the iPad, is now universally available throughout the iOS platform. The application launched for the iPhone this week, making it widely available to all iOS consumers. The move was made in time for the holiday season, with CoffeeTable developers believing that the application will be a major boon for consumers that enjoy mobile shopping. Indeed, mobile shopping has become a well loved concept amongst many consumers all over the world, thus placing CoffeeTable in an ideal position to appeal to these consumers.

Holiday season sees increasing interest around mobile shopping

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and retailers are preparing for one of the most important days of the years: Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is a time when retailers provide consumers with major discounts, deals, and special offers as a way to entice their patronage. For many retailers, a good showing during Black Friday could make up for an entire year of poor performance. With consumers becoming more connected to their mobile devices, retailers are beginning to target the mobile sector as a way to see further gains during the holiday season.

CoffeeTable app provides consumers with wide range of products

CoffeeTable is one year old this week and is keen to celebrate this occasion by becoming more widely available to consumers. The application aggregates catalog content from a wide variety of retailers, allowing consumers to browse products they may be interested in. Consumers may then purchase these products through either a mobile commerce platform, or an e-commerce website. Retailers may see a significant increase in traffic through the application on Cyber Monday, the equivalent of Black Friday for the electronics and technology sectors whose businesses reside online.

Mobile shopping may dominate holiday season

Mobile shopping is expected to play a large role during the 2012 holiday season. This is largely due to the growing number of consumers who have become enthralled with smart phones and tablets. These consumers are finding it more convenient to use their mobile devices to buy products, and these devices may become particularly useful for those that want to avoid the large amount of traffic they might see on Black Friday at local stores.


Broadcom sees promise in NFC technology


Broadcom continues to show strong support for NFC technology

NFC technology has hit somethingnfc technology shows promise of a rough patch in the technology sector, especially in regards to its use in mobile commerce. Much of the mobile commerce industry has been built on NFC technology, but some technology companies, financial institutions, and consumers have expressed concerns over the security of NFC. In light of security concerns, some have begun moving away from NFC technology, hoping to find alternatives without having to abandon the mobile commerce industry. Others, however, continue to show strong support for NFC technology., Such is the case with Broadcom, a California-based chipmaker.

Nexus 4 popularity boosts interest surrounding NFC

Broadcom built the NFC chip and controller that is used in Google’s Nexus 4 mini-tablet device. The Nexus 4 launched earlier this month and Google has seen a great deal of interest for the product, especially in the UK market where stores have sold out of the device due to high demand. The device’s features have been widely praised, especially its use of NFC technology. Broadcom considers the popularity of the Nexus 4 a major win, suggesting that it is attracting more interest to NFC technology by showing off the capabilities of NFC.

Broadcom software freely available

Broadcom has now introduced its NFC software to the Android Open Source Project as well as to the Android 4.2 operating system. This has made the software widely available for anyone interested in using it — for free. Broadcom is well aware of the risks associated with making its NFC software freely available. The company notes that pushing NFC standards throughout the industries that use the technology is a top priority, however. By making its software available, Broadcom aims to help expedite the standardization of NFC technology.

NFC for more than just mobile commerce

NFC technology is widely used as a mobile commerce tool. The technology can allow mobile devices to make purchases in a way similar to credit cards. The technology also has uses beyond mobile commerce and has found some success in the marketing industry. NFC can also be used effectively as a form of wireless data transfer. Broadcom believes that its software can help establish standards in numerous industries that will ensure consumers have a positive experience with NFC technology.