Mobile gaming may benefit from 4G network growth

Vodafone predicts benefits for mobile gaming to come from 4G expansion

Vodafone, a British multi-national telecommunications company, recently rolled out a new 4G network in Germany, where mobile consumers in rural areas can now enjoy access to a high-speed Internet connection. The company is in the process of expanding this network to include urban areas throughout the country. Beyond Germany, 4G is becoming a staple of the mobile space, with many consumers throughout the world enjoying the speeds that 4G networks provide. Vodafone, along with other companies, believe that 4G may spark further growth in the mobile sector, especially where applications and mobile gaming is concerned.

4G connections becoming more common

Millions of smart phone and tablet users now have access to 4G networks, with many more receiving access to these networks on a seemingly daily basis. A 4G connection is comparable to a high-speed broadband connection for a home, giving mobile consumers access to connection speeds that have long been reserved to PCs and similar, stationary products. Vodafone believes that 4G will change the way mobile consumers make use of the Internet, providing them with access to high-definition content and enabling them to upload their own content to the Internet at faster speeds.Mobile Gaming Vodafone

Mobile gaming may become more social thanks to 4G

Mobile gaming is likely to benefit from the growth of 4G networks, especially in the social space. Social games, and mobile games in general, often require some connection to the Internet in order for gamers to experience the game’s full features. A faster Internet connection means that gamers can enjoy these features more fluidly, but it also means that they could have access to more complex games that require a very strong network connection.

Mobile consumers likely to enjoy 4G connectivity

Developers are beginning to produce mobile games that are breaching the capabilities of current mobile technology, hoping to gain a head start on the next generation of smart phones and tablets. These games will require better hardware for mobile devices, but also a fast Internet connection to facilitate their various multi-player elements. Vodafone believes that the growth of 4G networks around the world can only lead to benefits for the mobile space and everyone with advanced mobile devices.

Mobile technology takes a step forward thanks to Motorola Solutions

Motorola mobile technologyMotorola Solutions aims to change mobile technology

Smart phones are very popular among consumers but have also become very prominent tools for the business sector. Professionals from various fields make use of smart phones of all kinds on a daily basis. Indeed, the world is becoming more acclimated to doing business in the mobile space, which is increasing the focus several companies have on the smart phones that are used in daily operations. As businesses become more reliant on mobile technology, the capabilities of even the most advanced smart phones are proving too limited, at least by the standards of Motorola Solutions.

Company introduces new handheld computer

Motorola Solutions believes that a new generation of mobile device is in order; one that can better meet the needs of the professionals that have come to rely on mobile technology. The company has unveiled its MC45 mobile computer. The MC45 is a rugged handheld device that is significantly more advanced than conventional smart phones and tablets. The device is designed for field workers, but could have several uses for those in other industries of business.

MC45 built to last

The device incorporates the strengths of a conventional computer with the mobility of a smart phone. Motorola Solutions suggests that it could be used by small and medium-sized businesses to keep track of sales and inventory while also conducting numerous other operations as directed by its user. The MC45 is designed to withstand strong impacts, making it resilient in harsh environments. The device also boasts of a three-year lifecycle, while most consumer smart phones are designed to last a year or less.

Motorola Solutions looking to spark a new generation of mobile technology

Mobile technology has become a very important part of the business world and Motorola Solutions is working to introduce a new generation of mobile devices that could better serve the changing needs of businesses. Whether the MC45 will be able to replace the popular Android and iOS platforms that businesses have come to adore has yet to be seen, but Motorola Solutions has high hopes that the device will be able to fare well in a niche market.