New $5 press release service announced by QR Code Press

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The mobile commerce news magazine has launched an affordable program to allow marketers to gain exposure.

A technology and mobile commerce news magazine website called QR Code Press has announced the launch of its press release service, this week, which provides marketers with an extremely inexpensive way to spread the word about their event press without having to spend a lot of money or undergo a complex submission process.

The QR Code Press submit article process doesn’t require any registration and features secure PayPal payments.

The easy-to-platform at the technology news website allows marketers to submit their announcements and articles for only $5.00. Instead of a complicated submission process, marketers need only copy and paste their article text to take advantage of this press release service. They can also add an image to be displayed with their article. Moreover, they can add their own keywords for better search engine optimization, and can feature up to three text links, in order to attract additional attention to their websites, landing pages, products, other articles, or promotions.

The press release service can provide a considerable amount of exposure for a company or brand’s news announcement.

Press Release ServiceOnce an article has been submitted, the $5.00 flat rate also includes inclusion on the Google News approved website, which receives an average of 3,500 to 4,000 visitors per day. Moreover, the submitted articles, once accepted, will be featured in the QR Code Press newsletter, in order to reach the people who have opted in to this weekly subscription. Beyond that, the article will also be shared in social media posts, expanding the reach of the news release, even further.

This press release service uses SEO applications with solid reputations, and then takes the additional step of manually checking every article by members of the QR Code Press staff. This way, superior quality and optimization can be achieved.

Technology and mobile commerce news are exceptionally hot, right now, and it is a trend that is rapidly on the rise. A well written article submitted through a powerful and yet affordable press release service can be a meaningful way to ensure that your announcement is noticed by consumers, businesses, and other media outlets, alike.

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