Molecular Glasses, Inc. Receives U.S. Patent 10,461,269 for Crosslinkable/Polymerizable Charge-Transporting and Luminescent Molecular Glass Mixtures

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Rochester, NY, October 31, 2019 –(– The U.S. Patent Office has awarded patent number U.S. 10,461,269 to Molecular Glasses, Inc. for “Crosslinkable/Polymerizable and Combinations Thereof Charge-transporting Molecular Glass Mixtures, Luminescent Molecular Glass Mixtures, or Combinations Thereof for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and other Organic Electronics and Photonics Applications and Method of Making Same.”

The new patent filings cover the preparation of crosslinkable and non-crystallizable hole-transporting, electron-transporting, ambipolar, and luminescent compositions of matter, including procedures to ensure their purity.

Also covered is a process of printing dopant image-wise on the surface of a host material plasticized with a very low-glass-transition-temperature (Tg) crosslinkable multifunctional material. The lower-Tg composition enables subsequent thermal diffusion of the dopants into the host layer uniformly at a very low temperature (below 80° C) without the assistance of solvent. Once dopant diffusion is completed, the layer is exposed to actinic energy for crosslinking and restoration of its original or improved thermal properties.

According to Mike Molaire, Molecular Glasses’ CEO and Founder, “OLED televisions and other large displays are currently too expensive to compete with LCD displays. Inkjet printing is being looked at to reduce large displays manufacturing cost. This new patented process provides a better solution than current inkjet manufacturing methods: better pixel uniformity, no need for high boiling solvents, ‘coffee ring’ defects-free and higher resolution.”

Molecular Glasses is looking for partners to develop and implement this technology.

About Molecular Glasses, Inc.
Molecular Glasses, Inc. is a supplier of patented materials to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) for use in displays (cell phones and tablets for example, and specialty lighting). Molecular Glasses is positioned to transform OLED applications across large and small scale displays, automotive electronics, lighting, and more, disrupting a market segment estimated to reach $4 billion by 2020.

Molecular Glasses™, SurfaceJET™, OLEDIQ™ are trademarks of Molecular Glasses, Inc.

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