Mobile payments from BlackBerry launched in Indonesia

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Mobile Payments Blackberry IndonesiaThe company formerly known as RIM has now debuted its transaction service within the country.

BlackBerry has just announced that it has become the latest player within the rapidly growing and highly competitive mobile payments environment, as it has now started an Indonesian pilot launch of its BBM Money service.

This service will allow the device users to transfer money through the use of an instant messenger service.

By using BBM Money, BlackBerry device users are able to create accounts through those gadgets so that they will be able to make mobile payments in real time to contacts on their BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) account, or to other bank accounts of non-contacts. They will also be able to purchase prepaid SIM cards and additional airtime for their devices by way of this new service.

This new mobile payments service is the result of a partnership with PT Bank Permata in Indonesia.

It is the PT Bank Permata that is issuing the BBM Money mobile payments accounts through this trial of the service. BlackBerry has also pointed out that it is using bank grade security measures in order to ensure that users can enjoy transactions that are safe and secure. Among those measures include encryption, passwords, limits, and monitoring.

The device manufacturer, based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, decided to launch its service for the first time in Indonesia, partly because of the massive popularity of BlackBerry devices within that country. In fact the brand currently boasts 240 million users within the Indonesian marketplace.

According to a media release from the company which quoted T.A. McCann, the vice president of BBM and social communities for the organization, “BlackBerry leads the mobile and smartphone market in Indonesia, where BBM is extremely popular with our customers.” McCann went on to say that “BBM Money, which uses BlackBerry’s BBM service, further evolves the BBM experience to move from real-time chat to meaningful and convenient real-time engagement.”

This makes the Canadian smartphone manufacturer and technology developer the very latest in the mobile payments environment. It is joining many other large players, which just recently included Samsung and Visa, which have partnered together for their own contactless method.

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