Mobile games revenue is skyrocketing

Mobile gaming continues to prove its lucrative nature

When it comes to mobile gaming, revenue is not typically something that receives much attention beyond those developing and publishing these games. A new report from Juniper Research shows that it may be time to take mobile games more seriously, however, as they are beginning to represent one of the game industry’s most lucrative business sectors. While the industry has been growing more focused on the mobile space, most developers and publishers still consider mobile games to be little more than novelty products that have limited value.

Mobile games revenue to reach $28.9 billion by 2016

According to the report from Juniper Research, mobile game revenue is expected to reach $28.9 billion by 2016, up 38% from the $20 billion in revenue estimated for this year. The developers behind these mobile games are taking serious efforts to maximize their product’s earning potential, primarily through making their games more engaging to ensure their value among consumers. Most people tend to jump from one mobile game to the next very quickly, which makes it difficult for any single game to be considered high value. Developers are interested in seeing this trend put to rest.

Tablet users are more likely to spend money on the games that they play

Mobile games revenue going upThe report shows that tablet users are particularly fond of mobile games. Tablet devices are well suited for gaming because of their stronger processors and larger screens. These screens, in particular, are favored among gamers because they make it easier to see the game that is being played and add more convenience in terms of control. Tablet users are more likely to spend money on mobile games than those using smartphones.

Developers to focus more on convenience and interactivity when creating games for the coming years

The report suggests that developers will place more consideration on convenience when developing games for the future. Mobile gaming has always been popular because of its accessible nature, but some games are considerably less convenient to play than others. Developers are also keen to make their games more valuable to consumers by making the games themselves more engaging.

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