Mobile games played by more than half of US consumers

Mobile games popular amoung U.S. consumersMobile games continue to grow in popularity

Mobile devices have become inseparable from society. Many people have some kind of mobile device to which they devote a significant amount of their time. Smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are the most popular variety, because they can be used for much more than simple communication. In terms of entertainment, mobile games are, perhaps, the most popular option. has released the results of a new survey concerning mobile games and the people that play them. The survey’s results suggest that these games are anything but a niche market, as they appeal to a wide variety of people, even those that would be averse to “geek culture.”

Survey shows that 51% of mobile device owners play games

According to the survey, 51% of mobile device owners play mobile games. Harris Interactive, a leading market research firm, conducted the survey and suggests that mobile games have become one of the most popular pastimes for consumers. These games have certainly proven very successful for the game industry and have a certain appeal to traditional gamers. Notably, however, these games appeal strongly to those that would not typically consider themselves game enthusiasts.


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Consumers willing to spend their time and money on mobile games

The survey shows that approximately 11% of consumers play mobile games more than once every day, while another 21% claims to play these games at least once daily. The majority of consumers play mobile games once a week. Consumers are not just playing mobile games, of course, they are also spending money on these games. The survey shows that 61% of consumers have spent between $1 and $10 on downloading mobile games. The survey does not factor in-app purchases, which are very common in the gaming space.

Game industry quickly becoming more mobile

Mobile games are quickly becoming one of the primary forms of entertainment for consumers, especially those that have limited experience with conventional gaming. The game industry has been responding to this trend in an aggressive fashion, with several companies that have long been focused solely on console gaming beginning to make an entry into the mobile space.

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