Mobile games may benefit from Corona Cloud

Mobile Games Cloud ComputingCorona Cloud may become popular tool in mobile games development

Corona Labs, a leading mobile software developer, has announced the launch of Corona Cloud, a new suite of cloud computing services that are designed to make mobile development more intuitive. The Corona Cloud makes used of the Corona SDK, which has been used often in the realm of mobile games development. The service is designed to be used by anyone, but is meant to be particularly useful to those that already make use of the Corona SDK for their development purposes.

Cloud computing services offer new tools to developers

As its name suggests, Corona Cloud makes use of cloud computing. This computing method has been growing in popularity throughout the technology sector in recent years due to the efficiency it offers developers and the security it can offer to consumers. Cloud computing leverages the technological power of a complex network of computers, which can be accessed remotely using a cloud networking service, such as the Corona Cloud suite. Cloud computing has been gaining traction in social media and has begun to appeal to developers of mobile games.


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Mobile games may benefit from cloud computing

Mobile games could benefit from cloud networking as it allows games to circumvent the hardware limitations of mobile devices. Cloud computing allows mobile games developers to create games that make use of a network’s hardware rather than that of a particular mobile device. This allows for games with better visuals and more complex mechanics. Cloud computing has yet to become a standard among mobile games, but more developers and publishers are beginning to show interest in the subject.

Corona Cloud expected to streamline development process

Corona Labs notes that its new service is designed to make software development easier. Typically, developers have to use a variety of third-party tools in order to add features to their applications and other software. Corona Cloud offers them access to these tools in a single package, reducing the development  time of applications significantly.

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