Mobile commerce sees formation of new partnership

Mobile Commerce - PayLeap and Spindle PartnershipPayLeap and Spindle team to boost mobile commerce services

PayLeap, a company specializing in payment processing solutions, has announced its partnership with Spindle, a leading mobile commerce provider. The two companies have signed a strategic agreement that is designed to combine their solutions and technologies for the benefit of the global mobile commerce market. Such partnerships are becoming more popular throughout the mobile commerce sector as smaller companies find it nearly impossible to meet global demand for the services they provide on their own.

Companies to combine technologies and services

The PayLeap platform operates as a payment gateway, collection financial information from consumers and offering payment processing services to businesses. The platform supports in-store payments as well as those made through e-commerce sites. PayLeap also boasts of several security features, such as fraud management and secure checkout, in order to provide more safety for mobile commerce initiatives. Spindle offers businesses a variety of mobile commerce services, couponing, and loyalty programs.

Consumers demand better mobile commerce services

Through this new partnership, Spindle and PayLeap will combine their services and technology to provide consumers and businesses with more robust solutions in their given markets. These solutions may be well-received in industries that have been struggling to adopt mobile commerce per the demands coming from consumers. Those with mobile devices have been itching to participate in mobile commerce in markets in Europe and Asia, but there are still relatively few services that cater to these consumers, creating a promising opportunity for Spindle and PayLeap.

Partnerships could help small businesses compete against large companies

While the partnership will give both companies the ability to reach a wider audience, it will also help them compete against larger companies that have established strong presences in mobile commerce. Google is one such company and its Google Wallet platform has become a popular mobile commerce solution for consumers. Smaller companies may find it difficult to compete with a corporation the size of Google, hence the increasing frequency of partnerships being formed between such companies.

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