BabyFlix Launches First Web-Based Service Dedicated to Ensuring Babies’ Earliest Images Never Get Lost

San Francisco, CA, January 23, 2018 –(– Six months ago BabyFlix® ( launched the world’s first web-based service that simplifies the sharing of prenatal images and videos taken from an ultrasound scan as part of a regular physician ordered procedure. Originally available only through ultrasound providers, BabyFlix has launched DVD Connect to bring this service to the millions of parents with ultrasound DVDs sitting in drawers collecting dust.

BabyFlix’s DVD Connect service makes it easy for parents to upload their ultrasound scans, personal baby photos and videos to a secure, cloud-based storage system with a click of a button. Once stored, those precious images and videos are easily shared through the BabyFlix mobile app or by inviting loved ones into a secure, online gallery. Available for iOS and Android, the intuitive BabyFlix app enables parents to share their imagery via SMS, post to social networks, and even view on their televisions using Chromecast.

By digitizing their ultrasound videos, parents can protect their baby’s earliest imagery from fires, floods, DVD degradation, and technological advances that are making mediums like DVDs, and even thumbnail drives, obsolete. Parents without access to a computer or a DVD drive can send their DVDs directly to BabyFlix. BabyFlix will upload the video and photographs and return the DVDs upon completion. BabyFlix DVD Connect packages start at $5.95. The HD BabyFlix Premium Movie package, which includes an edited 3-minute video comprised of highlights from the baby’s ultrasound scan, is priced at $9.95.

About BabyFlix®

BabyFlix® ( offers the world’s first cloud-based app that allows parents to customize, share and even broadcast their baby’s prenatal ultrasound images and videos from a routine physician-ordered scan. This technology is one of the biggest advancements made in Women’s Healthcare Ultrasound imaging since the introduction of 3D/4D imaging in the early 2000’s. By making it easier to capture and share the special moments of the pregnancy journey, BabyFlix aims to enhance early “family bonding” between parents, siblings, extended family and friends of the new baby — one of the many keys to good newborn health.

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