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M-commerce market is Walmart’s next big target

This massive retailer is seeking to expand its reach by taking massive steps into mobile.

The largest retailer in the world, Walmart, has announced that it is attempting to use m-commerce technology to enhance the shopping experience that it provides within its stores while it continues to focus on pleasing its customers.

This, according to the company’s global head of mobile, Gibu Thomas, in a prepared statement.

By accomplishing this goal and maximizing the potential that m-commerce has to offer the retailer, Walmart believes that it will generate an additional $689 billion in sales that have been influenced by mobile, by 2016. The company is coming to recognize that the future of retail is about returning to the past values for a personalized experience.

It feels that m-commerce will help it to provide an experience that is customized to each consumer.

M-commerce - WalmartAccording to Thomas, “The future of retailing is the history of retailing — a personalized interactive experience for every customer delivered from a smartphone.” He added that m-commerce tools will be used for addressing the needs of consumers above all else, particularly in terms of saving them time and money.

Thomas added that “It doesn’t always have to be the cutting edge whizz-bang feature to get the kind of impact you want for your customer. It could be simple things that fit their everyday needs.” As 90 percent of the purchases made at Walmart are still occurring within its brick and mortar locations – despite heavy attempts to push its online shopping experience – it is clear that it is the in store experience that holds the greatest opportunity.

Therefore, Walmart is seeking to use m-commerce tools that are “indispensable” to customers for its in store shopping, as opposed to necessarily trying to drive online sales. That said, it is Walmart’s believe, said Thomas, that it will generate $27 billion in revenues over mobile by 2016.

He explained that the company feels that the best way to introduce m-commerce tools to customers is by adding new capabilities into tools that have already been in existence and that have already been adopted by the majority of consumers, such as creating a shopping list.

Walmart takes on mobile commerce

Walmart Mobile CommerceWalmart continues to see promise in mobile commerce field

Walmart has been taking note of the attention that the mobile commerce scene has been receiving recently. The retailer has long been accustomed to adapting to changes in the market and meeting the demands of consumers and now it is beginning to shift toward becoming more accommodating to the mobile space. More consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to shop than ever before, leading to a swell in the demand for mobile commerce services. Walmart is now working to meet this demand and has begun overhauling its e-commerce and mobile strategies.

Retailer to launch new website

Walmart believes that e-commerce is among its primary growth engines and claims that e-commerce may power the majority of the company’s growth in the near future. In order to become more attractive to online shoppers, the retailer is taking a new approach on the matter of e-commerce and has adopted a strong focus on mobile. The retailer is planning to launch a new home page for its website that will feature the services and functionality that consumers are coming to expect from companies in the retail industry.

Site optimized for mobile use

The new site will be optimized for mobile use, allowing those with smartphones and tablets to navigate the site easily and without any trouble. The site will also support mobile commerce for those interested in purchasing products online through their mobile devices. Walmart claims that more than half of its customers have smartphones and if the company does not cater to this demographic it may be missing out on a promising opportunity.

Retail industry continues to see growth in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is quickly becoming a staple in the retail industry. Consumers have responded well to the concept of mobile commerce and are quickly becoming more comfortable with purchasing products online using their mobile devices. Walmart is one among many in the retail industry that has begun showing more favor to the mobile crowd.