Social Media Marketing Twitter and MobileRecent research findings have shown that the usage of this network has greatly switched to smartphones.

The findings from a study on social media marketing and usage have just been released, showing that the use of Twitter is rapidly moving away from PCs and is heading toward smartphones and tablets, instead.

Mobile is rapidly becoming the most common place that Twitter is accessed and used.

The survey was conducted by ConsumerMetrix from Strategy Analytics and the results were published within their report, which was entitled “Social Network Profile: Who Uses Twitter?”. This research has provided some interesting information with regards to the direction that social media marketing is taking, as well as the trends regarding the type of device that is being used by consumers to use that platform.

This social media marketing trend could be defining for future campaigns using that network.

The social media marketing and usage study that produced this data was performed from March 2012 through October 2012. What it indicated was that the percentage of people who had been using laptop or desktop computers for tweeting dropped from 77 percent at the start to 64 percent at the end of that period.

It also indicated that the number of users who were tweeting over their smartphones increased from 53 percent at the start of the survey to 64 percent by the end. Equally, among tablet users, tweeting increased from 9 percent in March, to 18 percent in October.

As a whole, the data collected through the social media marketing research offered a clearer image of the proportion of Twitter users who were accessing the service by way of various forms of devices, and that the usage over mobile – be it smartphone or tablet – increased overall from 56 percent to 71 percent.

The Strategy Analytics vice president of digital consumer practice, David Mercer, said “The immediacy of Twitter communications requires devices which are close to hand at every waking moment.” He added that this, by definition, indicates that social media marketing and usage prefer smartphones and tablets. This information could be useful for the development of future efforts to reach and interact with consumers.