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QR codes can now be drawn by hand

The latest technology news from the arena of quick response codes is that they are getting easier to generate.

Mobile marketers have adored the opportunity that QR codes have had to offer, using them on everything from product packaging to magazine ads, but these are barcodes that have traditionally been generated by computers.

However, MIT Media Lab researchers are now making it possible to use graffiti for the exact same purpose.

These graffiti QR codes would allow a hand drawn barcode, created on virtually any surface, to be converted into a scannable and readable image that smartphone users could turn into a much broader amount of content. In order to achieve this goal, the researchers had to change the way that the barcodes would be read in the first place.

Traditional QR codes are scanned using a barcode reading app that snaps an image of the black and white square.

QR codes drawn by handWith the new graffiti style of QR codes, the user would simply move the smartphone over the path in order to access the content to which it is linked. The accelerometer in the device is able to detect the pattern of the movement and is then able to load the content to which that particular path is connected.

As the method uses only the smartphone’s movement in order to read the barcode, instead of actually scanning the QR codes themselves, it means that the shape would no longer be limited to a pixilated square. Instead, the barcode can be drawn using any kind of material and onto any type of surface.

Possible uses, for example, are that a graffiti QR code could inform the smartphone user regarding what the art represents, who created it, what materials were used, and other relevant and interesting information.

One of the Media Lab’s Viral Spaces group members, Jeremy Rubin, said that there is a great deal more potential to these QR codes. For example, it could provide the opportunity to share relevant content to the smartphones of consumers while they are taking part at a certain activity within a location. For example, while riding an escalator up to the next floor of a store, it could provide information regarding what they are about to see and what products are located on the next level.

QR codes marketers to gain mobile wallet detection

Skycore has allowed quick response barcode using advertisers to be able to detect digital wallet scans.

Leading mobile technology provider, Skycore LLC, has just revealed that it is adding smartphone wallet detection to its mobile marketing platform through the use of the scans of QR codes.

Whenever a barcode is scanned, the SaaS platform from the company offers detection.

When there are scans of the QR codes, the SaaS platform can selectively display web content to standard barcode reader applications or issue pass files to wallet apps. This technology makes it possible for brands to be able to use a single barcode for consumers to use, instead of having to create one to pass issuance and another one for the web content.

This announcement aligns with the company’s belief that iOS 7 will enable scanning of QR codes within the Passbook app.

QR Codes ScanSkycore intends to release a similar functionality based on QR codes within the Android app from PassWallet, which is currently in its beta release.

Typically speaking, when QR codes are scanned by the majority of reader apps, the URL that is embedded will launch web content. However, by adding passes instantly to wallets, then the URL that is embedded will point directly to a specific pass file, instead. It will be easier for consumers to add passes using wallets that offer barcode scanning. However, at the same time, they will pose a challenge for brands to be able to support both web content and instant passes using a single barcode.

According to the CEO of Skycore, Rich Eicher, “By detecting whether the scan source is a wallet or a standard scanning app, we can selectively serve the proper pass file or alternatively serve mobile-optimized web content. This enables brands to display a single QR code at the point of interest.”

The mobile marketing platform at Skycore uses QR codes, SMS/MMS, and smartphone optimized web pages and emails for pass delivery. The company is based in Boston and first opened in 2003 to help to leverage mobile commerce and payments. It is designed to help to make it more convenient for both companies and consumers to be able to use these services by way of their mobile devices.