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2013 may be the year of augmented reality

augmented reality 2013Augmented reality revolution may kick into full swing in 2013

Augmented reality is gaining steam and 2013 may be the year in which the technology reaches a new level of its potential. For the past two years, augmented reality has become a powerful force in marketing and entertainment, and while the technology is expected to continue performing well in these sectors, the methods in which it is used are likely to evolve. 2013 may mark the beginning of an augmented reality revolution that could have major implications numerous industries.

Augmented reality glasses may see limited launch next year

Google, Microsoft, and several other technology companies are currently in the process of developing augmented reality glasses. These glasses, such as Google’s Project Glass, are designed to use augmented reality to enhance a wearer’s everyday life. Digital displays are used to provide wearers with information they may find important, as well as give them the ability to connect with others via social networking. While these augmented reality glasses may not be available before 2014, they are likely to see limited release next year to whet the appetites of consumers.

Technology may have major implications for mobile marketing

A growing number of smart phones are becoming more proficient in their use of augmented reality. With the rise of companies like metaio, which specializes in augmented reality technology, the mobile space is expected to become much more interactive in 2013. This goes beyond smart phones having the capability of interacting with augmented reality experience, however, as the technology could open up a new era in location-based marketing for the advertising agency. Because augmented reality is heavily influenced by the local environment, marketers could leverage the technology to target consumers with location-specific campaigns.

Mobile gaming could use more interactivity

Augmented reality is also expected to have a major impact on mobile gaming. Games have long been an interactive pastime for millions of consumers, but augmented reality could put a new twist on mobile gaming. The technology could  make games seem like they have an impact on the real world, as is the case with Google’s Ingress, which tasks players to go to real-world locations and solve puzzles.

Microsoft sets sights on augmented reality glasses


Microsoft Augmented RealityMicrosoft patents documents augmented reality glasses project

Microsoft has been showing a great deal of interest in augmented reality lately. The technology company appears to be ready to take its interest to the next level, according to a patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent filing from Microsoft documents plans for the development of a pair of augmented reality glasses, very similar to those being developed by Google. Microsoft believes that its glasses will be more than capable of competing with Google’s Project Glass.

AR system could be used for entertainment

The patent covers “a system and method to present a user wearing a head-mounted display with supplemental information when viewing a live event.” Essentially, the augmented reality glasses will be able to provide digital information concerning whatever is being viewed, allowing users to browse this content through a variety of contextual displays. The system has immediate implications for entertainment, as Microsoft is expected to leverage augmented reality technology in gaming and video. Augmented reality glasses could be used for much more than that, however.

Augmented reality shows potential in mobile commerce

Augmented reality has gained significant traction in marketing because of its interactive capabilities. Consumers have responded well to campaigns that make use of the technology in the past, leading to growing demand for the technology today. This interest is beginning to bleed into the realm of mobile commerce, where augmented reality technology could be used to make shopping more engaging and interactive.

Microsoft aims to compete with Google and others

Google has managed to generate a large amount of hype around the prospects of augmented reality glasses with Project Glass. Microsoft aims to overcome the challenge presented by Project Glass with it own augmented reality glasses. Whether the company will succeed in its endeavor has yet to be seen, but Microsoft is not alone in its interest of augmented reality. Sony is also planning to develop a pair of augmented reality glasses that could have a wide range of uses from entertainment to mobile commerce.