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Mobile payments added to Opera smartphone browser

Mobile Payments Opera and NeomobileThe software team based in Norway will be partnering with Neomobile out of Italy.

Opera Software has just announced that it will be working with Neomobile, a specialist in direct carrier billing, in order to provide the users of the Opera Mini browser to make one click mobile payments from their smartphones in order to make purchases of digital content.

The purchases can be made quickly and easily and the total amount is added to the user’s cell phone bill.

The company stated that there are over 208 million people who are already using the app in order to access the web. An additional 21 million are using Opera Mobile. The hope is that the new partnership will result in operator billing on the Opera Payment Exchange (OPX).

The OPX is a form of link among mobile payments billing systems and content publishers and providers.

According to Opera, it helps to make certain that mobile payments can be quickly and safely made in a simple and secure way over the Mini browser.

On the other hand, Neomobile is a company that offers mobile payments solutions, but it is also a worldwide mcommerce group. It provides the users of smartphones and tablets with content in a partnership between digital content services and producers, and carriers.

The new agreement between Opera and Neomobile was just announced, indicating the very first steps that the two companies would be taking together. At the moment, and for the first while, it will impact only the mcommerce group arm of the company. This means that the mobile payments can be used for purchasing music, games, video, and other types of digital content that can be downloaded or viewed from the device. It takes only one click for the direct carrier billing through the Mini browser, and it is available to consumers in eleven different countries.

For now, these mobile payments will not be available for actual physical goods that must be shipped to the consumer. It is applicable only to digital content that can be obtained right away through the use of the smartphone or tablet device.

Mobile commerce partnership formed between Opera and Neomobile

Mobile Commerce Partnership Opera and NeomobileNeomobile mobile commerce platform to be integrated into Opera Payment Exchange

Opera Software, a leading software and technology company, has announced that it has formed a new partnership with Neomobile, a mobile payment service provider. Together, the two companies will work to improve the Opera Payment Exchange service, which is used to facilitate mobile commerce in a variety of industries. The deal was made through Opera Commerce, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Software. Opera Commerce has been seeing major growth in the field of mobile commerce recently, and Neomobile may be able to help translate that growth into future success.

Opera Mini sees more than 208 million users last month

Last year, Opera Commerce launched the Opera Payment Exchange as part of the Opera Mini browser, which is a web browsing tool designed for mobile devices. The Opera Mini application has since become a breakout success among mobile consumers. According to Opera Commerce, more than 208 million people around the world used the application last month, with a significant portion of these people participating in the mobile commerce elements of the application.

Mobile commerce to be made simpler

Opera Commerce is looking to make mobile commerce a much simpler process for Opera Mini users. The company will be making use of the one-click operator billing platform designed by Neomobile. This allows consumers to make purchases through their mobile devices in one simple step. Opera believes that this will cut down on the time it takes for consumers to make payments, creating a faster and more efficient process that consumers may favor.

Neomobile platform may have promising future with Opera

Though the platform from Neomobile expedites the mobile commerce process, it does not diminish the security measures that are in place to protect a consumer’s financial information. Through the platform, consumers will be able to purchase mobile games, music, video, and various other forms of digital content with a simple “click.” The partnership currently only operates within the realm of mobile commerce through Opera Commerce. The platform developed by Neomobile may see expansion into other sectors of Opera in the future.