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Android mobile security feature disabled by Google

One of the privacy control features that had previously been available on smartphones has been removed.

It has just been revealed that Google Inc. has decided to eliminate an experimental Android mobile security feature meant to help users to be able to boost their privacy levels by blocking apps from being able to collect some forms of their data, such as their location and the contents of their address books.

This change will mean that smartphone users of version 4.4.2 of the operating system will not be able to block that sharing.

In order to be able to use certain apps, users will no longer be able to rely on the Android mobile security blocking to stop their personal data from being collected. According to a Google spokesperson, the feature had accidentally been included in the Android 4.3 version (Jelly Bean) that was released last summer.

Many have expressed suspicion concerning the explanation about the removal of the Android mobile security feature.

Android Mobile Security DisabledWhile some have accepted Google’s explanation and are not bothered by the removal of the privacy tool, others are suspicious and don’t feel that the elimination of the feature was the best move when improvement would have been a superior path.

The concern that has now been expressed is that users of smartphones based on the operating system can choose not to upgrade to Android 4.4.2, but this could place them at an increased risk of other types of vulnerabilities that were overcome by the upgrade. This will cause people to have to make the choice between two different types of protection for their devices.

Many third party apps for these smartphones require personal information access, such as location data and phone call information, in order to be used, despite the fact that there is not always an obvious reason why the application would require this data in order to function. The added privacy feature gave users the ability to select which types of data could be collected by a third party application.

Now, the Android mobile security feature providing that ability will no longer be available to users who upgrade to the latest version of the operating system.

Apple introduces new mobile security feature

New Apple Mobile Security FeatureApple begins taking mobile security more seriously

Mobile security is becoming a more important issue, especially as consumers become more inclined toward mobile commerce and online shopping. Purchasing products through a mobile device is becoming more common, and the fact that smartphones and tablets are being used to traffic a large amount of financial information has not been ignored by malicious groups. In an effort to offer mroe protection to consumers, Apple has begun to take the issue of mobile security more seriously.

New security feature unveiled for iCloud and Apple ID

Apple has announced a new level of security to its iCloud and Apple ID platforms. A new, two-step verification measure has been introduced to both platforms. This measure is meant to verify the identity of a consumer and allow them to sign into their online accounts more securely. This verification will require another Apple device in order to work, however, which may create some tension between consumers and Apple.

Security feature available to those with multiple Apple devices

The new mobile security method sends a verification code to a consumer’s mobile device if they are trying to access their online account from another device. Apple suggests that this extra layer of security makes it more difficult for malicious parties to exploit a consumers information, but consumers will have to have more than one Apple device in order to benefit from this new security measure. Those without two, or more, devices from Apple will not be able to benefit from this new feature. Apple suggests that many of its loyal customers tend to have both an iPhone and an iPad, making the feature widely available.

Apple continues to work to protect consumer information

Mobile security continues to be a strong focus for Apple as the company continues to contend with malicious groups that seek the exploit the information of consumers. As mobile commerce becomes more popular, smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly attractive targets for these groups. Apple’s new mobile security feature may help mitigate instances of exploitation and identity theft and help keep consumers information safe from exploitation.