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Mobile marketing acquisition confirmed by Spindle

Mobile Payments AcquisitionThey have verified the purchase that they have made of the MeNetwork firm.

Spindle Inc., the provider of mobile payments solution. has just announced that it is officially acquiring the mobile marketing firm called MeNetwork Inc.

The Scottsdale, Arizona based company will be integrating the services provided by the two businesses.

MeNetwork is a new location based mobile marketing solution provider that has been drawing a great deal of attention to itself. Spindle’s announcement of the acquisition explained that MeNetwork’s smartphone friendly advertising technology will be integrated into its own payments platform.

As of yet, there have been no financial terms revealed regarding the purchase of the mobile marketing company.

This most recent purchase has only proved to underline the growing trend throughout the industry that is having mobile marketing and payments companies coming together within the channel.

MeNetwork already boasts client relationships throughout Europe and the United States and is probably going to provide Spindle’s smartphone payment and loyalty solutions offerings a considerable expansion beyond its own steady growth. At the moment, Spindle’s primary focus is on retail and banking organizations.

The president of Spindle, Bill Clark, explained that “We are delighted to finalize the deal with MeNetwork, which now gives Spindle a comprehensive mobile commerce solution that incorporates mobile marketing and mobile payments.”

Clark’s company has taken part in a number of partnerships and acquisitions, recently, including this one with MeNetwork. In February of this year, there was another massive partnership that occurred between Spindle and PayLeap, another payment company that is Acculynk’s payment processing solution. In this case, it was a strategic partnership and not a purchase, and it was not with a mobile marketing company, but this does reflect the rapid growth and state of flux in which Spindle currently finds itself.

The hope for Spindle is that it will be able to allow its merchant clients to leverage the powerful new connections provided by its mobile marketing technology integration in order to build customer loyalty, drive commerce, as well as giving consumers the ability to experience and share unique content through their favorite social media network.

Hipcricket chosen for new mobile marketing campaign

 SouthStart Communities selects Hipcricket for mobile marketing initiative

Hipcricket, the mobile marketing subsidiary of Augme Technologies, has been selected by SouthStar Communities, a real estate development company serving Texas and North Carolina, for a new marketing campaign. The realtor will be tapping into Hipcricket’s AD LIFE platform, which will allow it to develop mobile websites and make use of QR codes for various advertising purposes. QR codes have long been a powerful marketing tool amongst U.S. realtors. Indeed, the real estate industry played a major role in bringing the codes to the U.S. and helped make them popular.

Hipcricket platform to be used to build mobile sites and manage QR codes

SouthStar Communities has taken note of a significant increase in website traffic coming from mobile devices, suggesting that more consumers are becoming reliant on their mobile devices when shopping for new homes. In order to tap into this market, the realtor is looking to make use of Hipcricket’s services to help build websites that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices. QR codes will be used in various print advertisements and on signage for new homes.Mobile Marketing Commerce News

QR codes may help realtor reach out to consumers

When consumers find these QR codes and scan them with their mobile device, they will be able to find information concerning a particular home or be granted the ability to browse SouthStar Communities’ extensive property database. In both cases, consumers will be directed to a mobile website where they can find the information that they want. Hipcricket will provide the resources that the realtor needs to make this campaign a reality and will also provide the company with a way to track the performance of its QR codes and other mobile marketing initiatives.

QR codes continue to hold favor with real estate industry

QR codes are among the most popular mobile marketing tools available today. The real estate industry is well versed in the use of the codes, having been one of the first industry’s in the U.S. to make extensive use of them. The codes have served the industry well, proving popular amongst consumers and providing realtors with a way to stay engaged with potential home buyers no matter where they may be.