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Mobile marketing just got easier with the addition of Google Calculator

Mobile Marketing GoogleThe internet giant is making waves again by offering value tracking efforts to marketers.

As mobile marketing becomes an explosively popular practice, Google has added a new feature for companies to help to gauge the value of their efforts through the addition of its new Calculator tool.

This is a response to the rapidly growing consumer use of smartphones and tablets to interact with businesses.

Now, more than ever, consumers are responding to mobile marketing by using their tablets and smartphones for online searches and interactions with their favorite brands and companies. And this trend is only growing. A recent Nielsen and Google study showed that almost 30 percent of searches over these devices result in a visit to a store by that consumer, a call to a business, or an online purchase.

As business owners work harder on their mobile marketing campaigns, they require more data to judge their success.

These companies are boosting their efforts for mobile marketing to help themselves to get the most out of this growing trend. In this, they need to know how and when those efforts are actually having the desired impact on consumers. Google is now helping those companies with a new tool called The Full Value of Mobile Calculator.

The purpose is to use a few basic benchmarks and equations to help to gauge the value that mobile is having in driving over optimized websites, apps, and other channels. This gives business owners the ability to get a better idea of what is and is not working for them so that they can adjust and polish their mobile marketing campaigns for the potential for considerably improved outcomes.

According to the head of mobile ads marketing at Google, Johanna Werther, “Mobility has forever changed the way consumers live and shop, giving rise to the new consumer paths as the lines between digital and physical experiences blur.” She then added that “Understanding what each of these mobile pathways means for your business is a critical piece of the larger attribution challenge that every marketer needs to meet head-on.” To begin the mobile marketing calculation, information is uploaded by the company, such as sales from the mobile site and in-store sales, either manually or by importing through the already existent Google Adwords account.

Dunkin’ Donuts revs up Social media and mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing Dunkin' DonutsDunkin Donuts is staying with its program for heavy play in both social media marketing and mobile marketing with a new campaign that allows customers a chance to win Dunkin mGifts.

Mobile marketing upswing at DD

Dunkin Donut K-Cup packs were one of the most asked-for products when customers were quizzed via social media about what they would like to see. Due to the popularity of this item, DD is holding a contest for customers to guess which K-Cup pack flavor they will feature next. Upon voting or guessing, customers are eligible to win one of three mGifts worth $50 daily. The Dunkin’ Donuts mGift cards are mobile cards.

Scott Hudler, VP of global consumer engagement at DD Brands, Inc. said, “We’re always communicating with our fans, and through this ongoing dialogue, we know they are extremely passionate about Dunkin’ K-Cup packs.” He goes on to say that an upcoming Twitter campaign will allow users to help promote the new K-Cup packs for a chance to win prizes with #NextDDkcup.

The twitter campaign will encourage guesses from customers with the above mentioned hashtag. The flavor will be revealed and then will be in DD stores starting in February. Throughout the promotion, the coffee beans will be covering the company Twitter header. The beans will disappear in accordance to each tweet. The more guesses there are the faster the image will clear.

Keeping up with mobile marketing

DD is using social media very successfully to drive brand saturation and also to promote new products, but is also not forgetting about mobile media to promote mGifts. DD released a mobile payment app last year and has seen success from that endeavor. Dunkin’ looks to continue seeking new ways to reach costumers both old and new through means of mobile marketing as well as more established social media marketing.

The company hopes to keep mobile as well as social marketing as an important part of their overall advertising and marketing budget on into the future. DD knows that people are more busy than ever and rely heavily on their phones for more and more. Smartphones are becoming more common, which means DD is paying attention to that audience for fast, easy ways to keep them coming back for more.